Opportunity to Study in the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan
01.07.13 - 15.07.13
The Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan

The Ministry of Education of the RA has announced a competition to study at the higher education institutions in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (2013-2014 academic year). 5 master scholarships and 5 scholarships for PhD studies are available.


Applicants can study the following specialties: Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, Archeology and Information Technology.

The competition is open to the citizens of Armenia who are fluent in Arabic language (bachelors or masters) or are studying at the graduating courses.

Teaching is conducted in the Arabic language.

The deadline for the submission of the documents is 15.07.2013 (inclusive).

The competition for PhD studies will take place in the period of June 17-20.

Those wishing to participate in the competition for more information can contact the Department of External Affairs and the Diaspora of the Staff of the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia (Yerevan, Government Building 3, VI Floor, Room 619, Tel: 56-23-64).