“Problems of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving”
15.09.17 - 05.10.17
YSU Tsaghkadzor Complex

We would like to announce that from 30-31 of October 2017 the conference “Problems of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving” will be held at the resort house of Yerevan State University in Tsakhkadzor. For participation, it is required to send abstracts of works until 5th of October. Abstracts will be published in the proceedings of the conference. Besides abstracts, participants should also send their final papers in electronic form.


Abstracts and papers have to meet the following requirements:

Volume - 2 pages for abstracts and 7 pages for papers.

Page format - A5 (148x210 mm), margins – left: 18 mm, top: 18 mm, right: 18 mm, bottom: 16 mm.

Line spacing - 1 cm.

Alignment - Justified.

Font - Sylfaen (for Armenian text), Times New Roman (for English and Russian texts).

Font size - 10 pt.


At the top line of the first page the title of the work is written (font size: 12 pt., Bold). In the right side of the next line the name(s) and surname(s) of author(s) are written (font size: 11 pt.). In the next line, in the right side, the name of the university, research centre, faculty, as well as scientific degree of the author(s) (bachelor, master, PhD, professor, etc.) have to be indicated (font size: 9 pt., Italic). In the right side of the below line, the e-mail address of the author(s) is(are) represented (font size: 9 pt.). In the right side of the next line scientific degree, name and surname of scientific supervisor have to be written (font size: 9 pt., Italic). One line below, the main text must be introduced.     


References are obligatory and are given at the bottom of page (font size: 8 pt., line spacing: 1). The text of the reference has to be justified. The reference text has to include surname, the first letter of author’s name (Bold), topic of the work, place and year of publishing, as well as page.

For the final papers summaries in Armenian, English and Russian are obligatory. After the main text, one line below, the title of the work is written at the centre of the line (Bold). In the next line name(s) and surname(s) of author(s) are introduced. In the below line 4-6 keywords are represented. One line below, the summary of the paper is presented (60-80 words).


Abstracts of papers and/or full papers intended for presentation should be sent to vmarukhyan@yahoo.com


Abstracts and papers that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted.