About us

The Alumni and Career Center was established in 2006. The goal of the Center is to contribute to the University competitiveness, relationship between the University and advanced enterprises and employers as well as to the continuous ties and stronger cooperation between alumni and University.


The primary goal of the Center is to possibly support the YSU students and alumni in finding jobs, developing professional skills, building career as well as in learning career planning techniques, assessing individual potential, developing personal vital prospects, embarking on the process of self-affirmation in professional and individual spheres.

Since its establishment, the YSU Alumni and Career Centre has implemented a number of projects aimed at fulfilling its main objectives.
The Centre succeeded in expanding the scope of its activities to include new areas and establish cooperation with new organizations.
The activities of the Centre are covered in Annual Reports.

A great importance is attached in the YSU to cooperation with various enterprises, and a relevant Committee adjunct to the YSU Academic Council works in that area, while the activities related to this process are implemented by the Centre.

The Charter of the Centre was approved in 2006 by the YSU Academic Council.


The main objectives of the Centre are:


• Coordination, organization and summarization of the University activities addressing the problems of YSU students and alumni job placement,
• Organization of activities to help YSU students develop certain work experience alongside their studies,
• Ensuring effective linkage of the University students and alumni with potential employers,
• Summary, examination and analyses of information about trends on the local and international labour markets,
• Various surveys among YSU students and alumni about their expected career developments, current situation with regard to competitiveness on labour markets and a range of other issues,
• Organization of and information dissemination on various consultations, trainings, workshops and other events for the YSU students and alumni dedicated to job search and other issues,
• Establishment of a continuous link and supporting cooperation between the alumni and University.


The main scope of the Centre’s activities include:

• Organization of workshop-trainings, consultations on compiling CVs, correct ways of presenting to employers, internships on career-building, contemporary labour markets and other issues,
• Meetings with employers,
• Implementation of volunteer programmes,
• Expansion of the alumni database,
• Cooperation with public and private organizations,
• Updating alumni about vacancies and other opportunities,
• Organization of round-table discussions and other events targeting career promoting.


Currently, the centre members are: