Bridge between the university and the labor market and expand partnership

April-June, 2011

The purpose and objectives

  • to support the strengthening of cooperation and interaction between the university and businesses new opportunities
  • promoting and impeding factors of career development
  • promote academic, professional and personal development in a number of qualities
  • increase the competitiveness of graduates in the future labor market challenges
  • observe the requirements of the modern labor market and to raise awareness of the leading employers in the recruitment policy
  • to promote students' self-expression, analytical skills
  • the importance of being a student leader, as well as factors of social activity
  • help students develop teamwork skills and team spirit rise

The relevance of the project and a brief description

The program stems from the Republic of Armenia State Youth Policy 2008-2012.

The current economic conditions and labor market requirements are not always favorable for students and graduates for career building. Many students face after graduation from the university experience, working in a number of important disadvantage of lack of skills.

The program is aimed at strengthening cooperation and collaboration in support of businesses and creation of new opportunities, provide alternative options for solving the employment problems of students, increase students' awareness and level of competitiveness.

Young professionals need to be prepared for the changing labor market requirements, competitive not only professional, but also personal qualities of high (Communications Fundamentals, teamwork, motivation, creativity, constant Personal development, etc.) perspective.

The program includes the following measures:

  • "Actual Problems of interaction between the labor market and higher education", Scientific Meeting Debates
  • "Career-building mechanisms and requirements of the labor market", advanced training courses
  • "Business sector reforms and the implementation of a new personnel policy", Discussion and so on

The project was implemented in 5 main stages:

Phase I (preparatory)

  • the economy and the labor market active role in meetings with representatives of a number of companies and enterprises
  • dissemination of information about the program among students and graduates
  • selection of participants for workshops
  • participating trainers, experts and employers’ consensus selection and acquisition
  • "Contemporary Challenges in Higher Education and Labor" was the summary of the scientific meeting
  • "Career-building mechanisms and requirements of the labor market" took advanced courses and a seminar on "Business sector reforms and new personnel policy" meeting to discuss plans for final processing

Phase II (basic)

  • "Actual Problems of interaction between higher education and the labor market," a scientific meeting entitled, subject to various destinations periodic courses,

Phase III (in preparation)

  • "Career-building mechanisms and requirements of the labor market" took advanced training courses in project selection
  • "Business sector reforms and the implementation of a new personnel policy" discussion, participants of the program

Phase IV (fixed)

  • "Career-building mechanisms and requirements of the labor market," a three-day intensive seminar entitled Implementation of the training base. These courses are planned for 40 students participated
  • "Business sector reforms and the implementation of a new personnel policy" meeting-discussion program, the annual meeting reception.

V-phase (final)

  • the evaluation and printing of the report

The program covers topics

  • University-Labor Cooperation
  • Youth Employment Problems

Project Methodology

The project was implemented by

  • Youth Employment and universities and the labor issues related to cooperation in scientific meetings and round-table discussions
  • Individual and group exercises, training events, workshops during which participants will learn about student activism, leadership, communications skills and training issues with a number of other issues,
  • Alumni and Career Center met with representatives of partner organizations, which will take place during the introduction of the current labor market situation and requirements;
  • YSU Alumni and Career Center's official website ( and the official Facebook page of broader application.

The procedure of the selection of participants

The project's main target group are students and graduates who are actively involved and interested in their career development problems and are willing to fully participate in the program.

To participate in the workshop to fill out the application form, then the choice will be made. It will be implemented in 2 phases. The first phase would be selected on the basis of answers to questions included in the questionnaire. This phase will last about 100 students will participate in the seminar sessions scheduled in April and May, during which their best individual students will have the opportunity to participate in the training database on "career-building mechanisms and requirements of the labor market" took advanced training courses.

Collaboration Program

The project is an important contribution to the Center, which cooperated with a number of labor organizations, enterprises, student organizations, different trainers, experts and other officials.