Faculty of Russian Philology
Faculty of Russian Philology was founded in 1976; its structure includes 4 chairs and 1 research center. Faculty offers around 10 educational programs for bachelors and masters. The faculty has around 500 students and around 100 lecturers.
For more information, please, visit the website of the faculty.

Faculty of Russian Philology Faculty cooperates with "Arminfo" news agency in Yerevan, "Moscow House" cultural center in Yerevan, with "Literaturnaya Armenia" magazine. The partnership includes the holding of joint events and conferences, internships for students. The faculty has established relations with the Russian universities and scientific institutions, as well as a number of Russian Studies centers abroad. In recent years, students of the Faculty (about 6 students annually) participate in summer language courses in Greece and Bulgaria. A similar agreement has been signed with Poland.

In order to coordinate the cooperation with the enterprises, council of the faculty on the cooperation with the enterprises has been formed according to the "Regulation of the council of YSU faculty on the cooperation with the enterprises.”

Composition of the council of the faculty on the cooperation with the enterprises.

1. Pavel Balayan (Dean)
2. Margarita Dpiryan (Academic Secretary of Faculty)
3. Tatyana Afanasyeva (Lecturer, Chair of Russian Language)
4. Aleksandr Avanesov ("Arminfo" Independent News Agency, Deputy Director)
5. Armine Tyutyunjyan ("Moscow House" cultural-business center of Moscow in Yeravan, Director)
6. Sergey Muradyan (Literaturnaya Armenia, Deputy Chief Editor)

The list of partner enterprises of the faculty.

1. "Arminfo" News Agency
2. "Literary Armenia" Journal
3. "Moscow House" cultural center
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