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In Yerevan State University, along with the educational processes, much attention is paid to the students' extracurricular life. In this recent period of the Independence of the Republic of Armenia, YSU cultural life made a progress. In June, 2006 by the decision of YSU Academic Council, Cultural Centre was founded. The primary objectives of the Centre was the coordination of cultural life, the organization of cultural events held by the university students, as well as the arrangement and the improvement of the quality of the events organized by  YSU infrastructures. For the realization of this objectives various cultural groups have been created by professional managers, and creative and talented students, professors were involved in their activities.

In the Cultural Center  the following cultural groups are operating, with the help of which various cultural events are being implemented.

  • Theatre-studio “Universitarian” (“Hamalsaranakan”)- Artistic director  Karine Davtyan
  • Ensemble of female dancers -  Aristic director  Ani Haroyan
  • Choir -  Artistic director RA honoured Artist Karen Sargsyan, conductor Ruben Karaseferyan
  • Group of Young Creators, including Studio of Creative work (literature) – Director- Doctor of Philology, professor Samvel Muradyan
  • “NIKE” volunteering squad- the coordinator- Arevik Prazyan
  • Cinema club -  the coordinator  Varsik Sahradyan
  • Folk orhcestra - Artistic director - Armen Ayvazyan
  • YSU BAND -  Artistic director Sargis Bazhbeuk-Melikyan
  • Ethnic dance ensemble - Artistic director Rafik Hakobyan



Goals and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Cultural Center are the following:

  • The development of cultural skills of YSU students' along with  educational processes.
  • The provision of communication of University students with students from different countries, including Artsakh and Diaspora, through culture.
  • The organization and participation of interuniversity and state competitions, festivals, the discovery of gifted and talented students through the development of interuniversity cultural ties.
  • The  organization of  inter-cultural competitions, festivals among student within and between  the Universities.
  • The organization of exhibitions, concerts and performances  not only in Armenia, but also abroad.
  • The organization of cultural lectures, seminars, round table discussions.
  • The development of a good taste by organizing film screenings, performances, discussions, meetings with famous people.


The main activities of the Cultural Center are the following:

  • The organization of concerts not only in  Yerevan State University, but also in different regions of the Republic of Armenia and in Artsakh.
  • The regular organization of meetings with  prominent people from the cultural world.
  • Visits to the theaters by organizing discussions with the creative stuff of the performance.
  • Visits to the  performances of National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after Alexander Spendiaryan.
  • The promotion of the participation of large-scale events, television programs, video shootings.


Karine Davtyan
Director of YSU culture center
Karen Sargsyan
Artistic director of the choir and chamber orchestra of YSU culture center
Ruben Karaseferyan
Conductor of The choir of YSU culture center
Ani Haroyan
Artistic director of the ensemble of female dancers of YSU culture center
Tatevik Tilikyan
Specialis of YSU Charles Aznavour Cultural Centre
Varsik Sahradyan
Specialis of YSU Charles Aznavour Cultural Centre
Sargis Bazhbeuk-Melikyan
Artistic director of YSU BAND

Republic of Armenia, Yerevan, 0025, 1 Alex Manoogian,  YSU main building, the 6-th floor.
Tel. (+37460) 710-183, 710-184. 

Website: ysu.am/culture 
E-mail: culturecenter@ysu.am

The choir of YSU culture center
Qaylenq miasin (M. Harutyunyan)
The choir of YSU culture center
The motherland (H. Tumanyan)
The choir of YSU culture center
Sharan (Komitas)
The choir of YSU culture center
The choir of YSU culture center
We are the world
The choir of YSU culture center
Подмосковные вечера& Калинка
The choir of YSU culture center
Ты ж мене пидманула
The choir of YSU culture center
Erkir Nairyan (G. Zohrabyan)
The choir of YSU culture center
Heal the world
The choir of YSU culture center
A dios le pido