YSU Center for Gender and Leadership Studies (YSU CGLS) launches a new academic-based Certificate Program (CP) that aims to give comprehensive knowledge and skills to professionals dealing with women’s and gender issues, are eager to expand their capacities and/or are just interested knowing more in this field. The program is developed for representatives from all sectors and disciplines


YSU CGLS offers the following short courses:


  1. Gender Policy Development and Implementation
  2. Gender-Responsive Budgeting and Auditing
  3. Women, Negotiations, and Peacebuilding
  4. Arts and Feminism: Women in Arts
  5. Intercultural Communication and Gender-Based Discrimination
  6. Business Communication for Women
  7. Strategic Management for Leaders
  8. Gender Aspects of Migration Processes
  9. Gender Studies in Law (International Conventions and Local Legislation  on Women’s and Gender Issues, Gender-Based Crimes and Legal Practice, Human Rights and Gender Issues)
  10. Social Work: Feminist Perspectives
  11. Gender Issues and Psychological Perspectives
  12. Gender and Sociolinguistics
  13. Discovering Leadership Potential and Promoting Women's Leadership
  14. Management and Women’s Entrepreneurship
  15. Marketing: Ads for Women and Men
  16. Women’s history (Herstory) in 19th to 20th Century
  17. Gender and Feminist Methodology in Research
  18. Women’s and Gender Issues in Public Administration
  19. Fundraising and Social Entrepreneurship
  20. Public Health and Womn's Rights
  21. Gender-Sensitive Journalism



The Program starts in September 2017. Duration of each course is from 4 to 6 weeks depending on the content and volume of the course, and  the number of attendees. Each instructor is a professional expert in her/his field. All instructors are chosen based on both their local and international accomplishments and expertise. The instructors are from Armenia and abroad and are trained in well-known and prestigious universities such as Arizona State University, University of Kansas, Oxford University, Central European University, University of California Berkeley, University of Vienna, and others


The cost of each course is from 30 000 AMD to 90 000 AMD:

YSU CGLS Certificate is given upon accomplishment of each course.


Also discounts are available:

For YSU Students  - 20 %

For YSU Staff (Academic and Administrative) - 15 %


We have also Corporative Packages.

Contact us for more details: 060 710390,






Call for Papers

10 May, 2016

Yerevan State University’s Center for Gender and Leadership Studies invites you to take part in a conference entitled Cultural Context of the Institutionalization of Gender Studies in the XXI century. The conference aims to present recent events and actions that address gender issues, and the implementation of interventions at the institutional level. The conference will promote views of specialists concerned with addressing urgent gender issues, as well as the presentation of the results of recent researches. This event also aims at creating a scientific platform for discussions on cultural perceptions of gender issues, and the presentation of their transformations in the XXI century.


Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia


Topics of the conference:

  • Cultural Aspects of Gender Studies
  • Pecularities of Institutionalization of Gender Studies
  • Promoting and Preventive Factors of the Institutionalization of Gender Studies
  • Perspectives of Development of Gender Studies on the Institutional Level

Who can participate:

The event is designed for students of in social and related fields; practitioners working in the field of women/gender issues; activists; professionals dealing with gender issues in the academia, and for everyone who is interested in women/gender issues and wants to contribute to the discussion of the cultural context of gender issues.

The deadline for submission of the abstracts is April 30, 2016, at 5 p.m. Please send your e-mail to with the subject line mentioning May conference abstract.

The abstract should not exceed 350 words, and must have a title, and state the general purpose of the paper, and provide a brief content of the presentation. Font type: Sylfaen or Arial Unicode, font size: 11, no space.


Presentations at the conference (in Armenian or English) should not exceed 10-15 minutes.

Scientific papers presented during the conference will be published after the conference

Contacts: +37460 710 390 from Monday to Friday 2-5 p.m. (UTC +4)



New Master of Arts Program Announcement

The Yerevan State University’s (YSU) Center for Gender and Leadership Studies (CGLS) and YSU Faculty of Sociology invite applications for the 2016-2018 periods for admission to a new graduate program in “Women, Leadership and Development”, which will be housed at the YSU Department of Applied Sociology. Upon completion of the two-year program, students will earn a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Sociology with a specialization in “Women, Leadership and Development.” The MA program will be served by the department of Applied Sociology of YSU Faculty of Sociology.

The “Women, Leadership and Development” MA program is a pioneer initiative in Armenia and includes such modules as:

  • History of the World Women’s Movement in 19th -20th century,
  • Cultural Communication and Gender Discrimination,
  • Women’s Leadership in the Context of Globalization,
  • Gender and Social Policy,
  • Methodology of Gender Research,
  • Women and Social Movements in the Post-Soviet Period,
  • Gender Aspects of Communication,
  • Women, Leadership and Management, and
  • Strategic Management.

The “Women, Leadership and Development” MA program is a result of the YSU Center for Gender and Leadership Studies efforts as part of the Women’s Leadership Program: Advancing Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Armenia, a three-year project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Higher Education for Development in partnership with Arizona State University (ASU) and Yerevan State University. The MA program features highly qualified faculty that actively participate in women’s leadership and gender equality research and outreach. Six members of the faculty were also trained at the ASU School of Social Transformation as visiting scholars in 2013-2014.


MA program students will have opportunities for mentorship and supervision by ASU women and gender studies faculty. Joint online courses and degree programs related to women and gender studies are currently under discussion between ASU and YSU.  Students will potentially be eligible for admission into any joint online courses or degree programs when they are established.


The YSU Center for Gender and Leadership Studies has translated a vast volume of materials on women, gender and leadership studies into Armenian and commissioned research on women and gender issues. The Center also offers educational resources (books, articles, online access to ASU library), which will allow prospective students to develop professionally and conduct academic research.

The Yerevan State University Center for Gender and Leadership Studies (YSU CGLS) is an educational and research center, which works in collaboration with higher educational establishments in Armenia, local NGOs and international organizations to support women’s professional development. The YSU CGLS aims to raise awareness of gender issues in Armenian society, provide students with advanced training in women’s and gender studies, organize seminars and courses to promote career advancement for women, and develop public discourse around gender issues in Armenia. In addition, the YSU CGLS supports research on gender issues and women’s leadership and promotes the advancement of gender policy throughout Armenia. 

For additional information about the MA program, please call YSU CGLS at 060 710390 or send an e-mail to

The annual tuition fee for the MA program is 450,000 Armenian drams.

For 2016-2018 admission and information on required documents, please visit the YSU Office for Master Programs: YSU main building, 6th floor, Master program department,


“Women’s Resource Center” NGO together with the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung South Caucasus (Tbilisi) organizes the series of public lectures dedicated to analysis and discussion of the women’s issues in Armenia during the history and nowadays.

This public event includes 6 lectures , that aim to present women’s problems in Armenia in different spheres of life: art, politics, mass media, economic relations, etc. During the lectures the misleading perceptions of the feminism and gender-related issues in Armenian society will be discussed as well. Timeline for the lectures:
September 17
: Myths about «Dangers» of Feminism: the Perception of Feminism in Armenian Society Speaker: Anna Voskanyan, Social Work Expert. October 1: Feminism on Hold: How Divergent Concepts and Economic Interests Created a Disabling Environment for the Emancipation of Armenian Women Speaker: Nvard Manasyan, Education Expert. October 15: Women’s movement in Armenia Speaker: Anahit Harutyunyan, PhD in linguistics, author of the book «The Century of Distinguished Women». October 29: Women in Politics and Political Language/Texts in Armenia Speaker: Ruzanna Tsaturyan, Ethnographer. November 12: Women and Armenian Mass Media Speaker: Anna Gevorgyan, Expert in Iranian Studies. November 26: Women’s Art versus Feminist Art: Categories and Contradictions in Contemporary Art Practices of Armenia. Speaker: Susanna Gyulamiryan, Head of the Laboratory of Art and Cultural Studies. The meetings will take place in the evenings from 18:00 to 20:00, at Akanat café, 28 Koghbatsi street, Yerevan. The language of the lectures is ARMENIAN. At the end of the lecture series certificates of attendance will be given to the participants. For this reason you have to participate in all the lectures. For the participation, please fill this short application below and send the answers to the following email addresses with the subject “Application for Lecture Series” and/ or Deadline for registration September 5.Name, SurnameAgeProfessionPhone numberPlease, answer the following questions:a. Why is the topic of feminism interesting to you?b. In your opinion, what is the situation of women's rights in Armenia today?3. The reply to your email will mean the confirmation of your registration.For all other questions concerning the Lecture Series please feel free to contact us by emails mentioned above.


YSU Balian Hall, May 11-12, 2015

Yerevan State University (YSU) Center for Gender and Leadership Studies (CGLS) is pleased to announce its third international conference. The conference is entitled «Gender Issues in the Contemporary Armenia: From Research to Policy». The conference is devoted to the presentation of twenty-eight (28) policy researches conducted by Armenian social science scholars, with support of CGLS, during 2013-2014. The conference will take place at Balian Hall of YSU (Faculty of International Relations, 4th floor) on May 11-12, 2015.


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