Frequently Asked Guestions
1. How to find us?
We are located in Yerevan State University. Address: 1, Alex Manoogian str. 0025, Yerevan Armenia. (Faculty of Radio Physics, 4th floor, 436)
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2. How to contact us?
You can find our number in the section about us and/ or feedback.
3. What are we doing?
We are a Center for gender and leadership researches. We organize researches, meetings with the experts of this field; we have presentations of researchers from all over Armenia who did researches about gender issues and/or with gender component etc.
4. What projects do we have?
We organize different projects such as mentorship for female students of Yerevan State University, Small Grant provision for the gender policy related researches, Semester in residence program for the professors of Yerevan State University to develop gender related courses in Arizona State University to teach them in the future at YSU, Conferences, Workshops on gender related issues and researches, etc.
5. Who can contact us?
We are open for everyone interested. Mostly students are in our target group but also the people who want to know more about gender issues and leadership studies in Armenia and worldwide.
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Center for Gender and Leadership Studies
Tel: +37460710390
Extension: 2390
Address: #1 Alex Manoogian, 0025, Yerevan State University, Faculty of Radio physics, room 436
Yerevan, Armenia

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