Admission of foreign citizens is held in accordance with the “Procedure for admission of foreign citizens in the HEI of Armenia”, approved by the relevant decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia. According to the order, the documents of applicants are accepted by the Ministry of Education and Science. Read more
The International cooperation of YSU is realized by International Cooperation Administration. The departments of international relations, Diaspora and grants function in its structure. Read more
Erasmus Mundus is a program aimed at increasing cooperation and mobility in the field of higher education, whose purpose is to improve the quality of European higher education through cooperation promoting dialogue between peoples and cultures.

The Erasmus Mundus program offers cooperation:

• Higher education institutions wishing to conduct joint programs at post-graduate level or approve the cooperation between the European institutions and key third countries
• Individual students or young tutors and researchers who want to be trained or study in the above-mentioned joint programs
• Any organization involved in the field of higher education which is ready to develop programs aimed at improving the attractiveness, fame and visibility of European education.

Erasmus Mundus conducts programs:
• Step 1. Conducting joint master (Action 1 A) and doctoral (Action 1 B) programs and the allocation of individual scholarships for participation in these programs,
• Step 2. Formation in the framework of the Erasmus Mundus program of the cooperation between European universities and third countries, including scholarships at all academic levels,
• Step 3. Progress in the sphere of European higher education

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