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Centre was founded on March 2, 2012, on the basis of a memorandum signed by the OSCE Office in Yerevan and the YSU.

The strategy of Centre on Sustainable Development (CSD) involves: 1) Examination of the safe and effective means of mine raw materials and water resources utilization in Armenia. This aims to solve the social-economic problems faced by the country and to provide sustainable development without depriving future generations of their possibility to utilize the above mentioned resources. 2) Support the RA Government to fulfill the UNO Sustainable Development Package on national and local levels, providing the participation of the society in all the stages of discussion and decision-making on environmental issues.

CSD has regularly organized round-table discussions on the following issues: problems of technogenic mine wastes of the RA mining industry, reduction of impact risk on the environment, water resources management, etc.

The implemented activities result in formation and introduction of concrete suggestions about possible problem solutions to the RA Government, as well as in publication of scientific works.

Expectable results of the carried out programs involve changes in the Legislative Framework and contribution to the elaboration of the RA Natural Resources management strategy. In 2014, CSD was in involved in the elaboration processes of “Natural Resources Management Strategy” and “Conceptual Approaches to Additions and Amendments in the RA Mining Code”. The suggestions drawn forward by CSD have already been included in the project papers of the latter. The main suggestions developed by the Centre have also been included in “Mining, Ecology and Human Health” section of “Rio+20” summit decisions of the National Strategic Plan 2015-2025 concepts.

The CSD activity plan intends:

  1. To analyze the present state of mineral mine exploitation in Armenia, the level of complex procession of ores, as well as the possibilities of secure preservation and secondary use of mining wastes. This aims to reduce environment pollution and to preserve the natural environment.
  2. To examine the present state of water resources management in Armenia, reveal the flaws in this issue, make suggestions about activities directed to water resources utilization, preservation and management.
  3. Organize round tables, discussions and seminars with the participation of interested sides in order to support the Government in fulfilling a corresponding policy and programs.
  4. To reinforce the abilities of the YSU and, as a powerful scientific and research center, fulfill development programs appropriate to the Rio principles.

The programs in the CSD have been carried out with the direct support of the OSCE Office in Yerevan.

You can find information about the YSU CSD’s activity reports and news in the official webpage of CSD in

Address: Al. Manoogyan str. 1, 0025, Yerevan, Armenia
Yerevan State University, Building 1, Geography and Geology Faculty, Office 317
Head of CSD: Ruben Movsesyan
Tel: (+374 60) 710 452, (+374 93) 85 98 93

Tel: (+374 60) 710 453