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On November 13, students and lecturers of the Faculty of Armenian Philology celebrated the 90th anniversary of the famous literary critic and Academician Edward Jrbashyan.

Many of the present were familiar with the academician only from his books, which have helped them to enter HEI or simply enrich knowledge; some had the chance to be his student or colleague.


The commemorative event was organized by the Chair of Theory of Armenian Literature and Literary Criticism and daughter of Mr. Jrbashyan - Ashkhen Jrbashyan, who delivers lectures at the Faculty of Armenian Philology.


“The representatives of the elder generation have been lucky enough to communicate with him and learn from him. He was our Teacher in the full sense of the word - a great person, scholar, manager and head of the chair. Jrbashyan has created inviolable values in classical literary criticism. Not only his contemporaries, but also the new generation has shaped the taste owing to these values and thoughts,” - said in the beginning of the event Dean of the Faculty of Armenian Philology Artsrun Avagyan.


In the first part of the meeting presentations on various areas of activities of Edward Jrbashyan were introduced: “Jrbashyan – specialist in Tumanyan Studies”, “Jrbashyan - a man and a literary critic”, etc. Then the students presented scenes from the scientific and non-scientific life of the scientist, though, as pointed out by the students themselves, the line between these two areas of life in literature is very thin.


“In terms of his scientific preferences, of course, his greatest “love” was Tumanyan, who was a cult for him. When he was being asked about his birthday, he used to reply: “I was born in the year of death of Tumanyan - in 1923.” An important role has played the visit of the 15 years old Edward to Yerevan State University, where he participated in an event, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the death of Tumanyan,” - noted the literary critic Susanna Hovhannisyan and added that Jrbashyan was the first who began to write also about family of Tumanyan, together with the daughter of the poet – Tamara, he has organized Tumanyan readings.


Literary critic Avik Isahakyan noted that the verse was the hobby of Jrbashyan: “His second “love” was Teryan and then Isahakyan and Charents, about whom he later wrote the book “The Four Tops”.


Edward Jrbashyan’s relatives and friends also participated in this event.


“Our family was peaceful and quiet – a perfect atmosphere for the development of the fruitful activities. He was very calm and at the same time strict man. When he was home, we all were very quiet. He was working 16 hours a day, but how much he used to manage: to solve our problems, never ignoring us, and at the same time, he was working all day long,” - says the scientist’s daughter Ashkhen Jrbashyan.

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