20.02.2009 | 
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Today an event, dedicated to our perished soldier-liberator Petros Ghevondyan, was organized in the auditorium named after him.

The event, dedicated to the hero-graduate of YSU Faculty of Radiophysics, was organized by the Military-patriotic Club Vardanank. Sister of Petros, brothers in arms, dean of faculty, staff and students were present here. 

Lecturer of the Faculty, Scientific Secretary Grigor Alaverdyan remembered his first meeting with Petros and admitted that if he had asked who in the course would go to war, he would write the name of Petros, perhaps, in the end of the list. Meanwhile, Petros was one of the first.

He was a simple, humble guy. We did not even know for a long time that he was the participant of the Liberation War, because he never used to attend university in his military form in those years when the uniforms had become somewhat fashionable, - the lecturer said and added that with his modest behavior and the great mission Petros gave everybody the biggest lesson.

Petros Ghevondyan was born in 1964 in Proshyan. Student of YSU Faculty of Radiophysics Peto very quickly became a major Petros Gevondyan of Nagorno-Karabakh in the battlefield, was elected Deputy Commander of Shoushi special battalion. He not only developed a complex plan of Omar pass capture, but also implemented it with the help of his battalion, without shedding blood. The Hero-liberator of Artsakh, Commander Petros Ghevondyan died on the 14th of February, 1994 in the village Eghegnut, Karvatchar area.

Event, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the death of soldier-liberator, was both sad and happy. There were songs and poems that recalled Petros, his mission, goals and big dreams. He used to say our time has come, the mission is on our shoulders, so we must go on and if we suddenly lose the moment, our country will lose its ability to bring back its lands, - remembers his friend, Igor Sargsyan.

Another brother in arms Pavlik Manoukyan noted that only a few years later, he was able to understand what kind of a military expert his friend and commander was. He did not try to change any of the guys. But he knew the strengths and weaknesses of each of us and used to give orders to the correct person at the right time. 

In 1996, posthumously, he was awarded the Order of the NKR Battle Cross. In the same year he was awarded a medal for bravery by the RA, and later received the Order of the Golden Eagle, awarded the title of Hero of Artsakh. Schools in Proshyan and Eghegnut are called after the soldier-graduate of YSU Faculty of Radiophysics. And in 2007 an auditorium named after him was opened at his own faculty. 

YSU Military-patriotic Club Vardanank is 12 years old. And once a brother of one of our soldiers-liberators said we gave gleam to light of eyes to his mother. This is the greatest achievement of our club, - noted the Head of the club Satenik Abrahamyan.

In the end of the event Satenik Abrahamyan congratulated all on the Day of Saints Vardanants. Since this day was declared a Day of Gifting books, all present got books on behalf of the Vardanank Club members and Yerevan State University Library.

Other news
The presentation of the book “The political stability of newly-independent countries in modernization conditions (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Ukraine, Moldova)” was held today in Robert Shuman Hall of the Centre for European Studies of YSU.
Every year, on February 14, 40 days after Christmas, the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates Tiar’ndaraj feast, or Candlemas. This feast is traditionally marked by YSU students.