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A number of officials left their positions in Central Committee in a result of his articles.

2006 is the 75th anniversary of a famous journalist, writer and publicist Artashes Kalantaryan. He used to write newspaper topical satire, too. On the 2nd of November at the Faculty of Journalism of YSU a lecture-hall was opened after him on this event. The lecture-room, opened owing to the initiative of YSU Rector, Professor Aram Simonyan, Dean of the Faculty of Journalism Garnik Ananyan and Mr. Kalantaryans son Alik Kalantaryan will be equipped with computers in a year, as well as a scholarship after Artashes Kalantaryan is going to be provided.

The well known journalist is one of the first graduates of this Department. He used to be witty since his student years, could crack jokes with lecturers. But nobody was ever hurt of his jokes: they helped him to make friends, - remembers Astghik Gevorgyan, President of Journalist Union of Armenia.

Dean of the Faculty of Journalism of YSU is sure that Artashes Kalantaryans name is tightly connected with the history o Journalism of the 2nd half of the 20th century. We do not speak right of the Soviet period Journalism, taking into consideration just its dark sides, but we must never forget the bright sides of it, which existed owing to such Journalists as Artashes Kalantaryan and Vardges Petrosyan were.

YSU Rector, Professor Aram Simonyan considers himself to be one of these people, who grew up and educated being inspired by the writings of Artashes Kalantaryan: Any time when I came across bureaucracy or the one with low level of professional skills I remembered his wonderful writing The Blackberry, which is actual in our times, too.

Artashes Kalantaryans wife, Julietta, tells us that her husband was becoming fierce any time he would take pen in his hand. He was very kind, tolerant and thoughtful. In family he was excellent father, husband and grandfather.

Artashes Kalantaryan is the author of 15 books (books for children, too) and numerous satiric articles. Those have been translated into Georgian, Bulgarian and Russian. The feuilletons, which Kalantaryan used to write, have no analogues today, I think this genre does not exist today, - says Mrs.Kalantaryan. A book is going to be released on the occasion of his 75th anniversary by the initiative of his son. This book will be ready in a month.

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