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The two-day international conference on "Language and Education in International Relations" is being held at the "Writers’ house’’ hotel in Tsaghkadzor at the initiative of the Diplomatic Service and Professional Communication Chair of the YSU Faculty of International Relations. More than three dozen scientists and researchers from Armenia and abroad will present reports during the conference.

The international conference aims to bring together specialists, scholars, and researchers in international relations, language teaching, and education to exchange ideas on their studies, mutually beneficial cooperation, and discuss further developments in the subjects they teach.



On behalf of YSU International Relations Faculty Dean Gegham Petrosyan, deputy dean of the faculty, Ph.D., Associate Professor Zhak Manukyan delivered opening remarks.


Emphasizing the application of the results of the reports presented during the conference in the scientific and educational process, Zh. Manukyan emphasized. "I hope that this conference will allow foreign specialists to get better acquainted with the work and activities of YSU and other RA higher education institutions, specialists, scientists, and researchers in the field of international relations. Thanks to joint discussions, the conference is a wonderful platform for bringing forward new thoughts and ideas, which will also contribute to creating prospects for joint work and cooperation."



Referring to the involvement of many foreign participants in the conference, the deputy dean of the faculty mentioned that this testifies to the great interest in YSU at the international level and the university's high reputation.


"The scientific conference is of great importance for Yerevan State University, particularly the faculty of international relations. The faculty pays special attention to the issue of internationalization of the university, at the same time emphasizing the application of the results of the conducted research in the teaching process. Because of this, the conference is doubly important, because the presented views and propositions, which are put forward by specialists in the field, will be used in the future when teaching foreign languages at the faculty," emphasized Zhak Manukyan.


The head of the chair of the diplomatic service and professional communication of YSU Faculty of International Relations, Ph.D., associate professor Suzanna Navasardyan, coordinated the organizational activities of the conference. According to the latter, teaching in the 21st century should not be organized simply through lectures: it is necessary to use innovative methods for a more effective and interactive teaching process.



"Innovative methods are gradually becoming more and more important in our educational programs and during this international conference we will try to understand and discuss the effectiveness of using these innovative methods, the results obtained through them, and the exchange of experience", said S. Navasardyan.



One of the speakers at the conference was Daniel Lepeti, a German teacher at YSU, and a representative of "DAAD", who presented research on "National integration and language policy in Soviet and post-Soviet Central Asia". Speaking about the relevance of his study, the researcher noted that he tried to understand how languages become national and how the process can be supported at the state level.


"With my work, I have tried to publicize and help those professionals who are interested in studying such topics, thus stimulating more research. It is very important and interesting for me to consult with my colleagues from different countries, learn new teaching methods and understand how languages are taught in Armenia and elsewhere," said D. Lepeti.



Tamar Loladze, associate professor of the Technical University of Georgia, researched "Promotion of innovative methods of teaching and learning at the Technical University of Georgia" on the use of new teaching and learning methods during the coronavirus, where the author presented the experience of their university.


Referring to the significance of the conference organized in RA and pointing out the importance of experience exchange, the associate professor said: "Such conferences are a wonderful opportunity not only to meet and get to know researchers from different countries; but also to exchange our experience and plan future cooperation."



 The author of the research on "Arabic in the training programs of international relations specialists" is the head of the Arabic Philology Department of St. Petersburg University, Ph.D. Professor Oleg Redkin.


Speaking about the wide use of Arabic, Redkin emphasized that Arabic is now one of the official languages of many international organizations and has its place and importance in the training programs of specialists in the field of international relations.



"The development of economic, political, and cultural ties with the countries of the East creates additional prerequisites for the expansion of programs that ensure the development of the field of Arabic learning and language skills in general, including among students interested in the field of international relations," the professor stated.


This is the second international scientific conference organized by the YSU Faculty of International Relations this year: the first one took place in May of this year. The staff of the Faculty’s Russian Research Center organized it, which received a great response from the scientific community both in Armenia and abroad.


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Within the framework of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) International Science and Technology Initiative (MISTI) Global Teaching Labs (GTL) program Yerevan State University (YSU) hosted three students back in January this year for the first time. MIT students Yu Jing Chen, Anne Snyder, and Sean Zhang taught three different subjects and held hands-on workshops for YSU students.