01.09.2017 | 
As every year, this year also YSU looks forward to meet its old and new students.

September 1, the first day of the new academic year is celebrated throughout the country, which has been celebrated since 1984 as a state holiday and was called the Day of Knowledge and Literacy.

Today all educational institutions of the republic organize various events to make the new academic year more festive and beautiful.

The Alma Mater is not indifferent to the events. All the faculties of YSU have organized events and meetings with deans, chair heads, professors and students, introducing students to the educational process, the excellence of student life and the University’s mission to enlighten the way to great life.

On the occasion of the holiday YSU Rector Aram Simonyan has sent his congratulatory message to the universitarians of all time, which we present below:

“September 1 is a great holiday for all of us, university students, professors and students of different years. It is a holiday because first of all we see freshmen, yesterday’s schoolchildren join us, a new generation of university students, with who we always have high hopes, and besides, after our summer vacations, we return to work with new vigor.

First of all, I would like to wish our students to get sufficient knowledge, skills and abilities, after graduating from the university, they can manage their fate, provide a comfortable lifestyle, seek and find good work.

And, of course, I would like to wish our students not to miss the university life for a minute, because these years will no longer come back. I would like our students to understand this well. To be a university student does not mean to mechanically read books or attend lectures, but rather to participate in a full student life.

I urge our students to use the years spent at the university not only to enrich their professional knowledge, but also to become a good citizen, a society worthy person – the one who is responsible not only for his or her own life, but also for the survival and development of the country and people.

Congratulating all university students, I would like to repeat that studying at the university is a great honor and happiness. To study here means to be a leader of our life, among the most advanced and most respected people of our society and country.”

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Today, YSU Faculty of International Relations hosted the pupils of the senior classes of “Yerevak” educational complex.