15.10.2018 | 
The two-day regional seminar entitled “Maintenance of quality of scientific research” started at the Session Hall of YSU Academic Council.

The seminar is organized within the scope of the mission technical support of the experts of “Erasmus+” program of higher education reforms. The two-day seminar aims at working out special mechanisms of quality maintenance for educational process due to which the scientific and research studies can become more effective and targeted particularly on the third educational level.

The expert for higher education of Zagreb University (Croatia) Melita Kovacevic in her speech particularly stressed the necessity and importance of research carried out in the university as well as referred to how the quality of research influence the authority of the university.

The expert of Lund University (Sweden) Alleh Cherp spoke about the policy of preparation of the staffs for state and private universities, as well as about the educational improvements in universities, about the procedure of choosing and confirmation of the themes for theses. “The curriculum in our universities involves working classes which make it possible for students to work and get experience while studying”.

The education expert Christine Tsaturyan presented the main challenges our educational system face. According to her, the transformation from student to researcher is rather difficult. There are some reasons for it: defects in teaching methods, lack of seminars, absence of proper for making research and so on. Excessive workload of lecturers doesn’t let them pay essential attention to the quality of theses, their being up-to-date.

The education specialist Ilia State University (Georgia) Ketevan Gurchiani emphasized the challenges of the Georgian education system, among which she outlined so called “Isolation” overcoming. “The universities of Georgia actively participate in the process of internationalization, improve the credit system, publish scientific articles in international scientific journals. Besides, mobility promoting exchange programs are implemented in Georgia due to which the problem of external isolation is overcome.