22.04.2014 | 
April 22 is The Earth Day, so the environmentalists once again raised the environmental issues.

Today, the project “Capacity Building for NGOs for the development of appropriate tools and through awareness for the effective participation in the environmental decision-making process” was presented at YSU Environmental Law Resource Centre.


It is held in the framework of the project “Environmental management development via the capacity building of non-governmental organizations”. The project is funded by the European Union and implemented within the UNDP Small Grants Program. The goal is to raise public participation in the process of development of environmental regulations, as well as the participation in the development of the appropriate tools and e-platform development via the raise of awareness of civil society.


The event was attended by the representatives of government entities, as well as a number of non-governmental organizations. Director of Environmental Law Resource Centre Aida Iskoyan noted that the events, organized in the framework of the Earth Day should become traditional in order to raise the existing issues in this sphere and to register the progress, achievements and the shortcomings.


Aida Iskoyan spoke about the project objectives, activities and expected results. Then the center’s legal expert Heghine Hakhverdyan presented some details related to the analysis of the legislation on the participation of the society and the results of the survey, implemented in the framework of the program.


Some of the participants read reports, which were mainly related to land conservation, waste disposal, state control in the area of land conservation, issues of the international regulation of the field, etc.


The organizers are sure that the project will significantly improve the cooperation between the RA Ministry of Nature Protection and NGOs regarding the issues, mentioned above, as well as relevant capacity for the NGOs will be built and the mutual trust between the parties will be strengthened.


After the reports an active discussion among the participants started. Aida Iskoyan noted that the response from all stakeholders is expected to regulate the issue and register satisfactory results.

Other news
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Today, the 70th anniversary of birth of the Dean of YSU Faculty of Biology, Associate Member of NAS RA, Doctor of Biology, Professor Emil Gevorgyan was celebrated during the session of YSU Academic Council.