08.03.2018 | 
Head of the Yerevan State University Human Resources Department, Ashkhen Hovsepyan, has been working at the University since 17. Mrs. Ashken, who spent her best years at YSU, retires this year.

- Mrs. Ashkhen, when did you come to YSU for the first time, how many years have you been here?

- I have been working at Yerevan State University since September 24, 1962. In our section we have an employee who was born in the same year, on the same day. Initially I went to work, then in 1963 entered YSU Faculty of Armenian Philology and graduated in 1969. My first job was as a typist, then I became an Inspector, Senior Inspector, then Deputy Head of the HR Department, and from 1994 until now Head of the HR Department. It turns out that from the age of 17 I am here for 55 years. From the first day I loved the university very much. Everything was great here: the atmosphere, colleagues, communication with good people.

- What difficulties have you encountered during your career? What was the hardest period of time?

- Imagine that there were no difficulties as such. Only at first, when I just came. At that time I was a beginner and a non-professional. Gradually, I started to learn a lot and adapted myself to office work. Just in case of every innovation, and in YSU they are many, you have to work on yourself. Especially in our case, you should be well aware of the Labor Code, be careful, do not make mistakes, because you deal with people and their fate.

- What interesting events and stories will you tell us about the university?

- Everybody and everything is interesting. We deal with very good professionals, lecturers and scientists. I have always been proud of working with such people, and most importantly, polite and educated. I do not remember any special cases now, but it is definitely true that our daily routine has always been interesting.

- Mrs. Ashkhen, tell about your family.

- I was married in 1970. I have two children. My son and daughter also studied at the university. They both made a family and gave me 3 grandchildren.

- How did you combine your family and career?

- With great difficulty. That is, when the child was one year old, I would return to work. I have had a lot of difficulties. Unfortunately, the mother-in-law died early and there were no supporters. I did everything that my family did not suffer.

- This year you retire, how do you feel?

- I have spent my best years at the university and I'm happy and proud that they are meaningful and memorable. Yes, I'm going to rest, my leisure time. Of course, I cannot imagine life without university, but I really do need rest. I am very grateful and thankful to everyone. YSU is the cradle that everyone would dream about working here.

- What advice do you give those who will just come to work here?

- Work with devotion and diligence, everything will be good, there will be no shortcomings. YSU deserves loyal employees.

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