07.07.2017 | 
Representatives of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as a number of HEIs were received at YSU today.

The Iranian delegation was composed of the Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology of Iran Hossein Salar Amoli, Rector of Urmia University, Dr. Rahim Hobbenaghi, Professor of Tehran State University, Dr. G. Sadeghi Hashjin and others.

YSU Rector Aram Simonyan received the Iranian delegation. YSU Vice-rectors Alexander Grigoryan, Gegham Gevorgyan, Ruben Markosyan, Head of International Cooperation Office Alexander Margarov, YSU Academic Secretary Menua Soghomonyan, Pharmacy Institute Director Ashot Saghyan, Director of Information Technologies Education and Research Center Samvel Shukuryan, Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies Gurgen Melikyan and Head of the Chair of Iranian Studies Vardan Voskanyan were present at this meeting.

YSU Rector welcomed the guests and mentioned that he is glad to host once again guests from our friendly country. Mr. Simonyan briefly presented the structure of YSU, the activities of research centers and so on: “One of the main goals of YSU is to ensure the work of the fields of science and education. Our active cooperation with foreign universities contributes to all this. We also have serious cooperation with some Iranian universities, but I should note that it is not enough.”

Mr. Simonyan expressed hope that within the framework of such meetings the programs implemented with the Iranian universities will receive new impetus and will contribute to the strengthening of cooperation between the educational institutions of the two countries.

It should be noted that more than 800 Iranian students have studied at YSU and received qualifications in various fields over the last 15 years and about 18% of Iranian students have defended their dissertations. Most of them prefer mathematics, Iranian studies, biology and economics.

Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology of Iran Hossein Salar Amoli highlighted the development of relations between the two countries: “Armenia is a unique country. Our friendly ties demonstrate the importance of cooperation between Armenia and Iran in various spheres, particularly in the field of education and science. And to make progress, we need to strengthen those ties.”


Representatives of the Iranian education sector expressed readiness to cooperate with YSU to improve the quality of network education.

A model for the provision of educational process for Iranian students was discussed in the framework of which after one or two semesters these students can continue their education at one of the Iranian partner universities. This mechanism is consistent with the current mobility standards of students and will make the diploma recognition process even easier.

The perspectives of cooperation in the field of scientific researches were also discussed; the potential of the spheres of pharmacy and information technologies was emphasized.

After the meeting the guests accompanied by the Head of the Chair of Iranian Studies of YSU Faculty of Oriental Studies Vardan Voskanyan visited this faculty. Some issues related to the education as well as possible terms of cooperation were discussed with the staff of the Chair of Iranian Studies.

Other news
Today a press conference devoted to the discussion of changes in the teaching hours of the “Foreign Literature” subject was held at YSU.
Today, representatives of a number of Armenian and foreign universities held a meeting at YSU to discuss the next project of ERASMUS +.