28.10.2015 | 
The screening of this film, directed by Hrach Keshishyan, summed up the Cinema Autumn 2015.

This program started four weeks ago and the first film shown was “1915”.

This year the Cinema Autumn was dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide. The focus was made on the films, produced in Armenia.

The screenings of the pictures “The Eternal Pain of the Genocide” by Czech director Martin Mahda and Rober Gedikyan’s “A Crazy Story” have already taken place.

The last film “Thank You, Dad” was shown today. RA People’s Artist Mikayel Poghosyan was received at YSU on this occasion.

The main hero of the film has grown up in the USA and she even does not know where Armenia is and does not want to know anything about her ethnic origin. However, having read her father’s will, she comes to Armenia and gets married with an Armenian name Bargevos to receive $ 50 million inheritance. The Armenian gene awakened in her right on the native land.

“A number of simple issued are focused on in this film, which are very important for us. The generation, which lives abroad, should be educated in a patriotic way,” - said Mikayel Poghosyan.

This is the third film of the trilogy, devoted to Armenians. It was preceded by the performances “Welcome” and “Welcome, Father”: “We do not make many films on our topics and I tried to express my love towards my nation in this way,” – says the actor, who is also the producer and co-scenarist of the movie.

The main character’s actor is Italian Christa-Maria Donargo, who, according to the authors, has perfectly performed her task.

The premier of this film was in 2014 and it participated then in major festivals and won awards. It has received Grand Prix at the festivals “Window to Europe” (Vyborg) and “Pomegranate” (Toronto).

“Today few Armenian films are shown on our TV and it is quite difficult to develop the national cinema. Our cooperation with YSU has the background of six years and this is a quite important period for us. We have always received the support of YSU administration,” - said the representative of the National Cinema Centre of Armenia Ashot Hambardzumyan.

Competition of reviews is also conducted in the framework of the Cinema Autumn. Students submit their reviews on the films to the National Cinema Centre of Armenia. The results will be summarized in the end of the project, and the best ones will be awarded.

Other news
The inter-faculty dance contest has been held today by the commission for culture of YSU SC within the scope of “Let’s compete” event.
On the initiative of the Student Council a concert-contest “Let’s compete at YSU” was held in the big hall of YSU.