29.10.2015 | 
Today, the conference of the Tempus “HEN-GEAR” project was held in the Hall of Sessions of YSU Academic Council.

The internet portal ysu.am has informed about this project for many times, presenting in details its main purpose and mission. Numerous workshops, expert meetings and discussions have been organized over the past three years at YSU and at other partner 7 universities involved in the project. A portal has been developed, where graduates can register by answering a series of questions and entering personal data and information about their professional skills. The most important feature of the system is that the database provides the registered employers with search options via which they can make job offers. The entire work was thoroughly presented today during the conference.



The conference was attended by the RA Deputy Minister of Education and Science Karine Harutyunyan, the representative of the Directorate of the Consortium Almalaurea, Technical Director Angelo Gueriero, Head of the Department of Labor and Employment Issues of the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Tadevos Avetisyan, YSU Vice-rector on Students, Alumni and Public Relations Ruben Markosyan, rectors of partner universities, leading specialists of the sphere of education, and others.


Deputy Minister of Education and Science Karine Harutyunyan noted that owing to this project a number of Armenian universities were provided with the opportunity to receive information about the employment of their graduates, the existing problems and professional omissions. According to Karine Harutyunyan, the application of the Italian experience inArmeniais welcome and has a target orientation: “We appreciate the duration of the program and we believe that over the years we will have a database that will allow us to understand the problems and shortcomings in the field of education and the labor market.”



All the speakers unanimously say that this brilliant Italian idea will reach its final result, supporting those graduates who do not work anywhere, but have great potential. Rectors of the partner universities are sure that in future they will develop such training programs which will help to solve the employment problems after the graduation without any obstacles. So, the graduates will be quite satisfied with their educational institutions.


YSU Vice-rector Ruben Markosyan welcomed the shareholders of the program and noted that the program, launched in 2013, gave birth to the university portal, which already provides with a comprehensive directory of information on graduates, their education and experience: “Over the three years about 9,000 graduates registered in the system, approximately 7.000 CV are available online.”



The representative of the Directorate of Almalaurea Consortium, Technical Director Angelo Gueriero noted that the application of the Italian experience inArmeniaopens wide opportunities for cooperation for the Armenian universities and international educational institutions: “Professional experience of more than 70 Italian universities can give a start to the implementation of new programs. During these three years we have proposed structural changes and strengthened ties with the universities. There are some omissions, but we plan to eliminate them up to 2016.”


Angelo Gueriero is sure that the government and ministries are also shareholders of the program: “Both employed and unemployed graduates should acquire additional knowledge to meet the requirements of the labor market. Universities should train professionals with the appropriate skills to prepare specialists for both local and international labor markets. The experience exchange and the registration in such systems can contribute to this all.”


“This platform provides with the opportunity to consider the opinions of employers and graduates, and this in its turn means that universities should take into account the opinions of the graduates. Employers use this platform to find good staff, new universities join the system, which means that the platform becomes a nation-wide initiative,” - said the Coordinator of the project Louise Mengor and added that they have negotiated with all partner sides, discussed the “viability” of all steps to ensure the implementation of the project.


Reports of the final conference of the “HEN-GEAR” project were presented during the round table. Representatives of the Italian and Armenian education sector focused on the purposefulness of the program and conducted an open debate.

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