06.07.2017 | 
Today, YSU Academic Council held the last session of this semester with over 10 issues on the agenda.

The Regulations on YSU Student Benefits, State and Institutional Scholarships, as well as the issue of making changes and additions to the order of organizing the educational process of bachelor and master’s degree programs were presented to the approval of the Academic Council. Part of the changes have been made to comply with sub-legal acts, while the other part refers to keeping a free of charge place in the case of postponement, reviewing the order of absences, deadlines for discounts, etc.


YSU Vice-rector on Academic Affairs Alexander Grigoryan presented the results of the survey on the graduates’ satisfaction with the education received at YSU in 2016.


This time 4095 students (79%) participated in the survey. According to the results, 40.9% have given high assessment, 37.5% - good, 9.2% - satisfactory.


57% of the graduates did not work, 20.6% were employed in other fields, and 17.6% had a job. 31.6% of graduates is employed in the field of his professional activities and 23.1% - other.


Two documents, YSU Public Relations, Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as the Concepts of Development of YSU Human Resource Management System were presented to the approval of the Council.


“With the concept of Public Relations, Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility we position YSU as unique educational institution of the country and the Armenian people, and a number of actions come from this very point,” - said YSU Vice-Rector on Students, Alumni and Public Relations Ruben Markosyan and added that the second concept also stems from YSU Strategic Development Program. He noted that in this concept, we plan reforms that imply the creation of a human resources management department. The process of accepting, dismissing, collecting data and so on has also been touched upon.


The issue of making changes in the composition of the Standing Committees of YSU Academic Council was also discussed. Members of the commission who have retired and stopped their work or have graduated (students) have been replaced.


YSU Academic Council also approved the Charter of the Department of Archives, chairs of Physical Training and Sport, Civil Defense.


During the session the proposal on creating a center for pedagogy and education was also discussed.


“The new qualification system for pedagogues, which will operate beginning with 2017-2018 academic year, involves the organization of a 6-year separate module so that students have the appropriate amount of credits and receive that qualification. There was a need for a proper organization of this process,” - said Alexander Grigoryan, YSU Vice-rector on Educational Affairs.


The Academic Council of YSU accepted it and submitted it to the approval of the Board of Trustees of YSU.


The current issues of the session were four. Previously, Yuri Vardanyan, Professor of the Chair of Theory and Physics of Wave Processes, former head of the same chair, former Dean of YSU Faculty of Radiophysics, was awarded the title of Honorary Head of Chair. Then it was decided to nominate the work “Relativistic Nonlinear Electrodynamics” by Hamlet Avetisyan, Head of YSU Strong Field Physics Center, for the RA State Prize.


Then YSU Academic Council made a decision to submit mediation to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia to recognize as a university textbook the book “Develop Your Vision of English” (authors – K. Mkhitaryan and A. Gevorgyan, lecturers at the Chair of English Philology) and the work “A guide to science”, authored by the lecturer from the very chair E. Margaryan.


In the end of the session, the results of the secret ballot for the awarding titles of professors and associate professors were announced. According to this, 5 people were awarded the title of professor, 7 people - associate professor.


The last part of the session was for congratulations. The 70th anniversary of birth of the Dean of YSU Faculty of Biology, correspondent member of NAS RA, Doctor of Biology, Professor Emil Gevorgyan was celebrated during the session of YSU Academic Council.

Other news
Today, YSU Faculty of Oriental Studies received the pupils of several Yerevan schools today in the frames of the traditional visits.
Today, YSU Rector Aram Simonyan hosted Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Brazil to Armenia Agemar de Mendonça Sanctos.