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International Francophonie Day is observed within the International Organization of La Francophonie's 77 member states every March 20 to celebrate the French language and Francophone culture. The date celebrates the signing of the Niamey Convention in Niger on 20 March 1970.

This year a special celebration will be held for the Armenian Francophones. The next summit of the Francophonie International Organization in 2018 will be held in Armenia in line with the unanimous decision of the 16th summit of the Francophonie.


YSU Francophonie Club has been opened at the initiative of the 1st year Master student of the French department of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology Margarita Avdalyan, who is part of a large family of Francophone.


Journalist Varduhi Zakaryan spoke about the goals, programs and victories with the club’s chairman Margarita Avdalyan.


- How did the idea of creating a club be born and what goals it has?


- The club was opened in October, 2017 at my initiative and my fellow students. There are centuries-old and strong ties between Armenia and France. We are considered a Francophonie country and it is quite encouraging for us to hold the Francophone International Summit in Armenia. And YSU has more than 35 years of cooperation history with French universities, and we, young people, need to intensify these ties on a practical level. At YSU, besides French department students, there are many who learn this language and are the bearers of French culture. So our main goal is to unite the Francophonie young people in order to realize different programs, actively participate in the events, and, of course, to promote the spread of French and other cultural values. Currently, the club has 15 governing bodies, but more than 50 university students from different faculties of YSU participate in the work. I am sure that we should unite all students to make their student years more full of interesting and promising initiatives. Instead of complaining, we and every member of our club are moving forward and we recommend all young people to do so, too.



- What programs are currently being implemented and what initiatives are expected in the near future?


- Now we implement several projects. For club members, we have already organized free French lessons. We are sure that we will have tangible results in May. We organize interuniversity competition for those who are fluent in French language, know much about Francophonie and Francophone countries. We also plan to organize a conference for students of the French Department in the near future, where participants will present reports on any country of the Francophonie. A few days ago, I received a proposal from the French Embassy in Armenia to attend the event organized by the Major of Lyon. I accepted the invitation to participate in the creation of new contacts and new initiatives. Particularly, we plan to organize at YSU a French Cuisine Day during which students will prepare French dishes. We also plan meetings with political, public and cultural French speakers. The programs are many and varied. We, young people, know very well that knowledge of languages, in particular English or French, besides basic specialization, can help to become a demanded specialist in the international labor market. Today, there are 220 million French-speaking people in the world. Though French is currently somewhat lower than its English, it still remains one of the most brilliant languages in the world. In more than 30 countries, French has the official language or second official language status. I have been studying at the University of Aix-en-Provence for a half-year and I have had a unique attitude and interest towards the Francophone countries, especially Armenia. This fact is motivating and inspiring.


Other news
A meeting with European champions, gold medalists of the freestyle wrestling ranking tournament taking place in Budapest, freestyle wrestlers Arsen Harutyunyan and Vazgen Tevnyan, who recently won tickets to the Summer Olympic Games, took place today in YSU Charents Hall.
On the initiative of YSU Student Council Legal Committee “Awareness. Student Labor Rights ”program has been implemented.