02.03.2018 | 
The meeting of the Rector Aram Simonyan with students took place in YSU Academic Council session hall today.

The main purpose of the regular meetings with the members of the Student Council Presidium, managerial staff of the SSS, as well as representatives of student commissions is to discuss the issues that concern students, make suggestions and provide appropriate solutions.


YSU Vice-rector on Students, Alumni and Public Relations Ruben Markosyan, Director of Student Affairs Center Vahagn Varagyan, Rector’s Chief of Staff Alik Gharibyan, Library Director Yeznik Mirzoyan and Head of Information Systems Development and Service Department Paruyr Varderesyan also attended the meeting.


Aram Simonyan welcomed students and thanked them for organizing meetings as well as being consistent in the various spheres of the University’s activities.


“After a long pause, we resumed our meetings, which is welcome. During these meetings, the university administration becomes informed about the issues of young people and finds ways to solve problems together,” - said YSU Rector.


Aram Simonyan presented the works carried out in the course of previous meetings and their results. The head of the university noted that almost all the issues were solved. Particularly, the faculties received medicine boxes, the first aid kit, medical aid stations have been opened, the buffet of the Faculty of Biology will start work soon, new blackboards will be allocated to a number of faculties and garbage bins will be placed.


The Rector touched upon the suggestions concerning the educational process and the activities of student structures and faculties.


“All the processes taking place at YSU are adapted to the strategic development program of the university according to a predetermined schedule. I suggest everyone to read 2016-2020 strategic development program on YSU website. This does not mean that young people’s suggestions will not be discussed or will be ignored. However, students should also be familiar with the processes and see the tremendous work done by the management team,” - said the Rector and underscored that YSU activities, including the budget, are open to the public.


Then students asked their questions to the head of the university. The questions of the representatives of student structures were multifaceted and diverse.


Student Council Chairman David Apoyan mentioned that there are already noticeable changes in the issues raised during the meetings.


An arrangement was also reached with Yeznik Mirzoyan, YSU Library Director, according to which the reading halls will work till 19:00 and will also be open on Saturdays (10:00-16:00).


In this connection, Mr. Mirzoyan noted that this procedure was timely stopped because of the drop in the number of students.


“At present, serious reforms are being carried out in the library. Particularly we have collected the necessary literature, we have registered it and will have the database in the near future. Digitalization of the books is in process,” - said Yeznik Mirzoyan.


The Rector added that the library will soon be replenished with new furniture and equipment.


D. Apoyan mentioned that one of the students plans to donate about 70 books to the Armenian Philology Faculty Library.


The last issue of the Student Council was the student’s email: email addresses, change of passwords, as well as electronic version of student online surveys.


Paruyr Varderesyan gave a detailed description of the above mentioned issues, e-mail addressing and password change, emphasizing that Dean’s offices will no longer be able to change students’ passwords.

As for the student surveys, Paruyr Varderesyan mentioned: “The survey system is created so that the user cannot answer the questions for the second time. Besides, no one can take part in the poll because you have a set of identity-proof questions that nobody can overcome.”


Aram Simonyan touched upon the age limitation of the university professors and staff: "Of course, there must be a change of generation, which is natural and necessary. Work is also being done in that direction."



Khachik Abajyan (Faculty of International Relations) - There is a serious problem with students' awareness. Students do not know who to apply regarding the educational process, the structure of the university, and the lack of other necessary information. The structure is very large, so we suggest organizing study meetings and presenting procedures for newcomers.


Rector Aram Simonyan – I welcome this offer. At one time we had a folder for freshmen, where we had all the necessary information. You can encourage newcomers to get the necessary information through our website. Submit a program, it will be discussed.


Eduard Galstyan (Representative of the Elderly Council) - The Institute of Curators (Educational Advisers) is a worldwide structure, but it's incomplete. Students' cooperation with the elder generation can have a positive impact. The temporary solutions to these issues did not justify them, so we have developed a package of proposals.


Rector Aram Simonyan - Yes, I agree. The work with the elder generation has a great impact on the students' activities. We also attach importance to this issue. We are glad that the young people pay attention to the development of the curators' institute. Your suggestions will definitely be discussed.


Tatev Soghoyan (Faculty of Law) - The methods of examining and evaluating the students of the Chair of Civil Defense do not satisfy many. The teaching methods are outdated and uninteresting.


Rector Aram Simonyan - Yes, there have been serious discussions on this issue. For honesty, I must point out that the attitudes towards the subject are also important. There is a very indifferent attitude towards the subject, which is really important for everyone.


Norayr Hakobyan (Faculty of Oriental Studies) - There is a lack of ramps in YSU. Particularly in Building 7 can be a ramp as technically this possibility exists, unlike other buildings.


Rector Aram Simonyan - The problem of the ramps has always been in the focus of attention of the university administration. Relevant subdivisions will be instructed to develop and build ramps at central and 7th buildings until the start of the new academic year.


Ani Hakobyan (Faculty of Geography and Geology) -There are a number of issues related to the practice that need urgent solution. In particular, students can conduct research on a voluntary basis and find out which organization in the given field can provide practical materials.


Rector Aram Simonyan - This option can work. I also receive numerous offers from organizations that are willing to work and cooperate with our university. If students can support us in this regard, it will be great. In any case, submit your suggestions, we will discuss and find the appropriate solutions.


Anahit Gevorgyan (Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology) – The cooperation with the International Cooperation Office needs to be expanded. This applies to international scholarship programs, the information about which is very small and does not reach students in time. We suggest that detailed information on international educational programs be sent to students via email or other mechanisms.


Rector Aram Simonyan - The question is very important because our main goal is to enable students to get education abroad or to participate in other programs. Therefore, the problem will be discussed with the relevant department and will soon introduce new methods of information dissemination and student awareness.


Elen Mikayelyan- The number of days allocated for the exam is not enough. Therefore, we present a program that will allow you to extend the term of the exam and give the student the opportunity to prepare for exams.


Rector Aram Simonyan- We will discuss this issue with the Vice-rector. I must say that these terms have been repeatedly changed, but students have been dissatisfied again. In addition, the methods of lecturers in the humanities and natural sciences are different.


Shushan Muradyan - The fight against smoking is not effective at YSU. At the entrance or corridors of each faculty you can always find smokers who ignore the signposts. I think new mechanisms should be developed for the solution of the problem and more seriously deal with the punishment of violators.


Rector Aram Simonyan - I agree with you. I am sure that students can be helpful in organizing flash mobs or other events. The management of the university pays great attention to this problem. Together we must work to solve this problem.


David Apoyan (Student Council Chairman) - Students offer to create Wi-Fi zones at the faculties.



Rector Aram Simonyan- This issue has been raised and discussed with the relevant subdivision many times. It should be noted that the fact that Wi-Fi devices are deployed away from the classroom can be an obstacle for teachers or students who are in the process of teaching or organizing seminars. Besides, YSU devices are not sufficiently powerful enough to satisfy a large number of users, so new devices will soon be acquired, which will significantly facilitate the work.


At the end of the meeting YSU Rector Aram Simonyan thanked students for their consistent work and expressed hope that more students will participate in the next meeting.

Other news
The 4th year student of the Faculty of Armenian Philology Valter Berberyan got the first prize in the “Best student of the Republic” contest in the field of Armenian Studies within the frames of Baccalaureate educational program.
On the event of “Book Presenting Day” 40-50 students of YSU Faculty of Armenian Literature got books by modern Armenian writers.