01.06.2017 | 
The enlarged session of YSU Student Council was held today.

2016-2017 academic year was quite effective for YSU Student Council. Most part of the student activities was carried out by the active members of the Student Council. The new composition of the Student Council was formed in late 2016, and this was the main reason that the activities of the student councils of some faculties were not observed. However, YSU SC presented its annual activities in details, making focus on the specifics and frequency of their nature.


Director of the Centre for the Affairs with Students Vahagn Varagyan congratulated members of the Student Council for the implementation of the activities in the past six months: “The student council has important mission at present moment - to be able to carry out proper protection of the rights of students and to participate in the university governance.”



Student Council has also been able to carry out educational and pedagogical programs in this period; as a result, students were able to engage in various activities. The organization brings together young people, especially those who have a flexible mind, willingness to make student life interesting and unique.


Chairman of the Student Council Armen Khachikyan presented in details the activities of the commissions and activities of the student councils of 19 faculties. He did not forget to point out the gaps alongside with positive aspects. He noted that measures have been taken to raise the level of organization and implementation of activities at some faculties and they will be visible soon.


“The new convocation of the Student Council carried out about 415 events in this period. Student Council representatives from various faculties have participated in the discussions of over 300 appeals, related to the examination process, as well as have actively been involved in the governance of the university on different levels (at faculties or central scientific councils). I must say that student issues have been examined and observed in details and will not be left unanswered,” - said Armen Khachikyan.


In the end of the event active members of the Student Council received certificates and books.


Taking into consideration the proposal made by YSU Centre for the Affairs with Students, according to the order issued by YSU Rector Aram Simonyan the following students were awarded YSU bronze medals:


For the considerable support in the implementation of programs in Artsakh

• Gayane Avdalyan - Faculty of Journalism, 4th year student

• Anna Gareginyan - Faculty of Journalism, 4th year student

• Gevorg Arshakyan- Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, 3rd year student


For the organization of the Debate Competition and activities of the Student Council

• Nver Kirakosyan - Faculty of International Relations, 1st year master student


For the organization of the works of the Student Council

• Gohar Julhakyan – Faculty of Journalism, 1st year master student

Other news
A meeting with European champions, gold medalists of the freestyle wrestling ranking tournament taking place in Budapest, freestyle wrestlers Arsen Harutyunyan and Vazgen Tevnyan, who recently won tickets to the Summer Olympic Games, took place today in YSU Charents Hall.
On the initiative of YSU Student Council Legal Committee “Awareness. Student Labor Rights ”program has been implemented.