21.12.2017 | 
Today, the last session of YSU Academic Council for this year was held. Nine issues and one current one were included in the agenda.

The first issue concerned the approval of decisions adopted by the Academic Councils of the faculties on the elections of deans, which was presented by YSU Academic Secretary Menua Soghomonyan. Particularly, members of the Academic Council confirmed the results of the elections of deans of YSU Radiophysics and Oriental Studies faculties.

Members of the Academic Council voted to nominate Dean of the Faculty of Journalism Naghash Martirosyan to the post of Chairman of the Competition Commission of YSU Academic Council (for humanities). Vachagan Galstyan, Head of the Department of Pre-University Education, was also included in the same committee.

As for studentship, Gevorg Arshakyan (humanities) and Sevak Grigoryan (natural sciences) will be included in the above mentioned commission.

Then, YSU Rector Aram Simonyan presented the process of implementation of YSU Strategic Development Plan for 2016-2020. He focused on the 2016-2017 academic year, as well as the results of the implementation of the Complex Activities of the 2016-2017 Anti-Corruption Program at YSU.


“What has been planned has been successfully implemented. Of course, there are shortcomings, but in general, I evaluate positively the work done. Despite all the difficulties, we have overcome all the obstacles and achieved good results. We will analyze the shortcomings caused by objective and subjective reasons,” - said Aram Simonyan and thanked his colleagues for the effective work.

As for the fight against corruption at the university, the Rector mentioned that there is a decline in dynamics, which is a great: “Undoubtedly, our consistent struggle has contributed to the reduction of corruption phenomena as well as the successful implementation of the anti-corruption programs. This vicious phenomenon will not be eliminated, but its limitations and reductions are very important, and the work will continue.”

YSU Vice-rector on Academic Affairs Alexander Grigoryan made a report on the structure and content of YSU bachelor’s educational program.

In particular, the Vice-Rector presented the recently approved procedure, according to which bachelor’s degree programs are being developed at all faculties. It includes one compulsory change. The second year student had previously to choose from 11, and today from 10 electoral subjects is offered to choose 2 instead of 3. The "Law Basics" course, by the RA Government decision, has become mandatory for all specialties.


YSU Vice-rector on International Cooperation and Scientific Policy Gegham Gevorgyan, commenting on the necessity of making changes and responding to colleagues’ questions, made changes and additions to the order of calculation and payment of the subsidies paid to YSU employees.

Chief Accountant Rafik Grigoryan presented data on 2017 revenues and expenditure estimate (January-November) and 2018 revenues and expenditure estimates.

“In 2017, YSU revenues and expenditure estimates totaled 10.213.916.7 thousand drams and expenditures made 8.730.131.2 thousand drams, which is 85.8% of the annual estimate,” - said the Chief Accountant.

Referring to the 2018 income and expenditure estimate, Rafik Grigoryan mentioned that in 2018 cash flows will be 9.373.000.0 thousand as incomes and 9.473.000.0 thousand drams in the line of income.

Samvel Arakelyan, Director of YSU Ijevan Branch, made a report on the activities of the branch in 2016-2017.


“According to the development plan in 2016-2020 many activities are envisaged, the main purpose of which is to provide high-quality education, contributing to the growth and renewal of Armenian science, humanitarian, socio-economic and natural sciences, culture in the region,” - said Samvel Arakelyan and stressed that the activity of the branch has always been in the focus of YSU and all the achievements are owing to YSU.


The current issue of the session related to the publication of a collection of scientific articles of the faculty of the Faculty of Law, as well as to apply to the HAC to include the collection in the list of scientific publications.


All this, as well as other agenda issues were accepted and approved by the members of the Academic Council.

Other news
Within the framework of “Day of orientation in majors” program being implemented by the Department of Pre-university Education of YSU the pupils of the high school N94 visited the Faculty of Chemistry.
The regular session of the Academic Council was held today in the session hall of YSU Academic Council. There were 8 items on the agenda and a number of current issues.