23.09.2021 | 
An international conference dedicated to Hakob Karapents, a talented Diaspora Armenian writer, publicist, journalist and editor of the second half of the 20th century, took place today in the hall of YSU Faculty of Armenian Philology.

 The conference was organized by YSU Faculty of Armenian Philology and Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society.

Arshaluys Galstyan, Associate Professor of the Chair of History of Armenian Literature at YSU, delivered an opening speech at the beginning of the event.


"Hakob Karapents, who plays a significant role in the development of Armenian literary thought, often asks himself what is the mission of a Diaspora Armenian writer, how he differs from a native writer and what his literature should be like," he said, adding that the homeland, the Armenian and Armenia were the themes mentioned in Hakob Karapents' essays and novels.

Then he reminded that well-known intellectuals, literary critics, post-graduate students, masters of Armenia and the Diaspora take part in the conference.

Ruzan Arakelyan, Director of the Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Office in Yerevan, welcomed the participants and thanked them for participating in the conference.



The 16 papers presented at the conference, in which the speakers told about the character peculiarities of Hakob Karapents' stories, selected topics and pictorial system, will be published in a completely separate book, and the scientific audience will have the opportunity to get acquainted with their content in more detail.