11.12.2006 | 
Armenian students are seriously concerned about the most devastating disease of the 20th century.

December 1st is World AIDS Day. By the initiative of the Student Council of the Faculty of Geography of Yerevan State University a meeting for students was organized on the 11th of December on the above mentioned subject. Our students had gathered to discuss this matter, to learn the ways how this horror can spread and how to avoid it.

We have got a great lack of awareness and information among our youth today. Most of them hardly know anything about AIDS/HIV and very often even have no wish to learn anything on this topic; - says Lusine Parsamyan, Head of the Student Council of the Faculty of Geography.-Taking into consideration this most important reason we have organized such a seminar-discussion for students.

The representatives of NGO AIDS/HIV: Education and Care Lilit Asatryan and Ara Avetisyan were invited to this seminar. They tried to make the audience aware of this virus, when and where this disease was discovered for the first time, how one can be infected. The migration was mentioned as one of the main reasons for infection in Armenia together with avoiding usage of protective means during sexual intercourse.

The students stated that it will be easier for them to struggle against The Disease of the Century if they have information about it.

Other news
The SSS extended session of the 1st semester 2019-2020 academic year was held today in the conference hall of the YSU Academic Council.