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Visitors to the "BioExpo" exhibition toured the booths, were acquainted with various exhibits and witnessed and participated in scientific experiments. More than 20 employers were invited to the "BioExpo" from different fields of the labor market, mainly where graduates of our faculty work.

Yerevan State University, emphasizing the provision and continuous development of the university-employer connection, constantly organizes events aimed at raising awareness among the beneficiaries of the university regarding the demand of the labor market and the opportunities created in the university.



YSU Rector Hovhannes Hovhannsiyan, Vice-Rector for academic affairs Elina Asriyan, Vice-Rector for Scientific affairs Rafael Barkhudaryan, Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Sport and Culture RA Karen Trchunyan toured the booths and studied the participants' works.


Vice Dean of YSU Faculty of Biology, Ph.D. Karen Ghazaryan, talking about the goals and importance of the event, said. "The main goal of "BioExpo" is to present to students and pupils the opportunities provided by the Faculty of Biology of YSU, in particular the research conducted by 7 chairs, as well as what prospects students may have in the labor market."



Referring to the significance of the event for YSU, K. Ghazaryan emphasized that it is important to show the students that the graduates of the Faculty of Biology can work in many fields, starting from different institutes of NAS to production, diagnostic centers, etc. The vice dean noted that students get the opportunity to register on the spot and later contact employers.



Lilit Ghazaryan, a member of the Student Council of the Faculty of Biology, noted that they encourage the organization of such events, as they contribute to publicizing the faculty's activities. Such cooperation with faculty leadership enables students to acquire skills that will help them in their professional orientation.



Lilit Iskandaryan, secretary of SSS of YSU Faculty of Biology, speaking about their activities and the importance of organizing similar events, said: "In this exhibition, SSS aims to present the equipment of the faculty and the scientific research works carried out in the chairs. In the exhibition, we presented the works that we made together with our German, French, and other partners."



L. Iskandaryan also highlighted the importance of organizing such events, stressing that they provide students with opportunities for professional growth and guide students in choosing a profession. During the exhibition, the Department of Biophysics of the Faculty of Biology of the University presented various scientific experiments, for example, the molecular processes occurring in a living organism. Sonya Abrahamyan, a 4th - year university student, presented us with a scientific experiment for which the Photoelectric colorimeter is used.


Sirush Khachatryan and Elen Hakobyan, junior researchers of the Armen Takhtajyan Institute of Botany of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, presented plant and animal samples in their booth.



Speaking about the exhibits, S. Khachatryan mentioned. "Here we have shown samples of 400 million years old, which are fossils revealing the "age" of the earth, the geological period. We have a specimen from the Yerevan area, a petrified fossil snail, about which I would like to mention an interesting fact. The heavier it is, the older it is. And if you take it in the palm of your hand, you will feel its weight."


Elen Hakobyan, a graduate of the Faculty of Biology of YSU, after graduating from the university, went to work at RA NAS A. Takhtajyan Institute of Botany, deepening her knowledge in a new direction and simultaneously continuing her studies in Italy at the University of Turin.



"The basic knowledge obtained at YSU allows you to enter the international arena. The study of local samples allowed us to present the biodiversity in Armenia abroad and to continue our research there," stressed E. Hakobyan.



E. Hakobyan added that YSU students have the opportunity to reach serious heights in science, in general, their role in presenting Armenia's biodiversity to the world. By the way, the Caucasus is one of the active points of biodiversity, and there are not so many active points.


Biochemistry specialist of "Vardanank" educational complex, Ph.D. Gayane Muradyan, referring to the importance and features of the organization of the "BioExpo" exhibition, mentioned: "Many times we have participated in exhibitions, but they were not very educational, because the students just walked around the booths and got acquainted with everything that was presented to them. Let’s say that it was not so impressive.



While the "BioExpo" exhibition is extremely impressive and educational, because students, in addition to a general acquaintance, also have the opportunity to participate in various scientific experiments, conduct research using a microscope, etc. The exhibition is organized at a high level, and I would very much like such exhibitions to be organized more often to develop a love for science, especially biology, among students."



Gohar Mkrtchyan, a 9th-grade student of the "Vardanank" educational complex, was very impressed. She assured us that after seeing all the presented works and scientific experiments, they got not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. Gohar told that she got great satisfaction. She was particularly attracted by the manner the students presented and shared their knowledge with great love.



The event was organized by the joint initiative of the Faculty of Biology of YSU and student structures, with the support of the career centers, centers for graduate affairs, admissions, and applicants. The expo was attended by all the chairs of the faculty of Biology, research institutes of NAS, agencies of the state administration system of the Republic of Armenia, various organizations in the fields of environmental protection, food industry, biotechnology, students of public schools, teachers, scientists, lecturers, and others.


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