Ara Karyan
1976 - 1981: Armenian Agricultural Academy, Yerevan
1985 - 1988: Economic Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance and Economy,Yerevan, Armenia, Postgraduate studies in Economics, Ph.D in Economics
Key vocational training and courses
1997: Banking Regulation and Supervision: Financial and Special Reporting, US Federal Reserve Bank, Richmond
1997: Banking Regulation, Accounting and Audit, Bank of England, London UK,
1996: Banking Regulation and Supervision, Joint Vienna Institute, Vienna Austria. Professional experience
1995 to present: Yerevan State University, Lecturer in Chair of Finances and Accounting.
2014 to present: European Regional Educational Academy, Lecturer in Chair of Economy and Management.
2011 ARARAT BANK JSC, Head of Strategy and Business Development Department.
2009 - 2011: «Armenia» (Rasco) Insurance company, Executive Director.
2007 - 2009: USAID Financial Sector Deepening Project, administered by EMG LTD Representative Office in Armenia, Senior specialist.
2001 - 2007: Standing Committee on Finance-Credit, Budgetary and Economic Affairs of the National Assembly of the RA, Senior specialist, Expert.
1999 - 2001: “Agrobank” JSC, Deputy Chairman, Treasurer.
1997 - 1999 Ministry of Finance and Economy, Head of Insurance Inspectorate.
1995 - 1997: Central Bank of Armenia, Head of Regulation and Analysis Department.

Research and Pedogogical Activities
1995 to present: Yerevan State University, Chair of Finances and Accounting, Associate Professor (Docent).
2014 to present: European Regional Educational Academy, Chair of Economy and Management, Associate Professor (Docent).
2010 to presentL: Russian-Armenian University, Chair of Economy and Finances, Associate Professor (Docent).

Scientific activities
1995: Independent Research Center of Business, Economy and Finance “LOGIKA” (NGO) Chairman.
2016: Member of Scientific Council, Council of Economics 060 on Awarding Scientific Degree at European Regional Educational Academy at Supreme Certifying Commission of the Republic of Armenia

Scientific and practical cooperation with international organizations
2015: Eurasian Economic Commission, through the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, The methodology for the rate of export credits of the Eurasian Economic Union.
2007 - 2009: USAID Financial Sector Deepening Project, administered by
Emerging Markets Group LTD Representative Office in Armenia.
2004 - 2007: USAID (ALSP) Armenian Legislative Strengthening Program,
State Finance, and Budgeting.
1995 - 1997, 2002, 2004: World Bank - Banking regulation and supervision,
Anti-Corruption strategy development, Insurance regulation and supervision.
2000 - 2011: UNDP, Human Development report.
1995 - 1977: IMF, Banking regulation and supervision.
1997: USAID, Banking regulation and supervision.

Academic courses
Risk Management and Insurance, Basic Insurance, International Insurance,
Innovative and Investment Management, Marketing , Banking, Public Finance.

Key qualifications summary and Research Interests
  • Theoretical knowledge and methodology, skills and experience on corporate strategic and financial planning, digital economy, governance and e-business management, environmental taxation, banking and insurance regulation and supervision, financial and managerial reports, state budgetary processing, risk management, innovation management, marketing, banking, insurance and microfinance management, export support and encouragement, implementation of institutional and structural reforms.
  • Theoretical knowledge and methodology, skills and experience in teaching, training and vocational training.
  • Theoretical knowledge, skills and experience of scientific researches, executive and administrative management.

    Academic degree and grade
    Ph.D. in Economics (Candidate of Economic Sciences), Associate Professor (Docent).

    Language skills
    Armenian, Russian, English.

    Marital status
    Married, two sons and daughter.
  • Ara Karyan