Aida Iskoyan
1957 – 1962: Yerevan State University (YSU), Faculty of Law
1981: International Environmental Law School, Tallinn, Estonia, Certificate of Completion
1997: Practical Legal Education Courses (project of ABA/CEELI)
1999: Environmental Impact Assessment Course, ABA/CEELI/US EPA

Academic degree and academic rank
PhD in Law, Professor

PhD thesis
Legal Regulation of Protection and Use of Flora
Specialization – 00.02 – “Public Law”

Research areas
EU Environmental Law, Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making, Water Law, Forest Law, Environmental Assessment, Land Law, Strategic Environmental Assessment

Teaching interest
Environmental Law of the Republic of Armenia (RA), Land Law of the Republic of Armenia (RA), Water Law of the Republic of Armenia (RA), Land Law and Cadastre

Work Experience
1962 - 2021: Lecturer at the Chair of Civil Procedure of YSU
2000 - 2016: National Focal Point to the UN/ECE Convention “On Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-Making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters
1997 - 2021: President of “Environmental Public Advocacy Center” (EPAC) NGO
2008 - 2021: Member of the Board of the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA
2003 - 2007: Head of the Chair of Civil Procedure of YSU
2006 - 2021: Lecturer of Environmental Law and Land Law at the French University of Armenia
1999 - 2021: Independent expert of the Standing Committee of National Assembly of RA on social, health and environmental issues

Professional membership
2006 - 2016: Member of the Inter-agency coordination commission of Implementation of the Aarhus Convention in Armenia
2000 - 2007: Member of the Administration of the Regional Environmental Center for Caucasus
2005 - 2021: Member of the Association of International Lawyers of Armenia
2003 - 2021: Member of the Specialized Council 001 of HQC of YSU
2000 - 2004: Member to the Council of Justice adjacent to the President of RA
1999 - 2021: Member of the Coordination Council of the Environmental Law Association of the EECA
1998 - 2021: Corresponding member to the Ecological Academy of Russia
1994 - 2021: Member of the Scientific Council of Faculty of Law YSU
1994 – 2005: Member of the International Council of Armenian women (AIWA)
1993 - 1996: Member to the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA

State Awards
2007: Golden Medal of the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA for essential investment in the sphere of nature protection
2009: Golden Medal of the Ministry of Science and Education of RA at the event of 90th anniversary of YSU
2013: Medal “Mkhitar Gosh”

Armenian, English and Russian
Aida Iskoyan