Bakur Martirosyan
Diploma in Economics (Yerevan State University of Economics). Qualification (Diploma)- Economist-Mathematician

Academic Degree
2011: Got the degree of Phd in economics defending the thesis “Rational destribution of economical mathematical model of tax burden”.

Work experience
09.2016 - up to present: Yerevan State University, Lecturer
09.2014 - up to present: Yerevan Northern University, Lecturer
09.2011 - 01.2015: Yerevan Gladzor University, Lecturer
08.2012 - 12.2013: “MFB” Academy of Finance, Lecturer
09.2011 - 06.2012: Yerevan State University of Economics, Lecturer
12.2014 - up to present: “Garni Invest” Universal Credit Organization, Credit agent, at the same time the editor of the financial assistant system of CBA and the specialist of deparment “The struggle against money laundring and terrorism”
12.2007 - 09.2009 ACBA - Credit Agricole Bank, The specialist of deparment “The struggle against money laundring and terrorism”, The specialist of Back office department, Credit agent

2003 - 2004: have been studying at AUA and certificate of 6th degree.
2006: took part in three-month-courses of FBC foundation financial-banking college classes

Language skills
Armenian, Russian, English
Bakur Martirosyan