Gurgen Aleksanyan
2008: Has finished the courses of ISTC “Intraduction to Commercialization”. With a Certificate N: 709-08
1997 - 1998: Has finished the courses of “Theoretical and applied Gemology” of Armenian gemological center “Artsrunit”. With a diploma with honors N:001, as an expert - gemologist.
1997: Has finished the courses of educational center of Customs Administration in the Republic of Armenia Qualification - customs inspector
1988: Has finished the courses of qualification improvement in Yerevan scientific - training center of all-union association of “SOYUZEVMKOMPLEX" with the specialty of "System programming in the sphere of real-time operational systems". The certificate N: 22995, qualification - system programmer on real-time operational systems
1976 - 1981: Yerevan Polytechnics Institute named after K. Marx, The department of “Computer engineering” and graduated with a diploma with honors N:012146, as an
Engineer systems analyst.

Professional experience
2007: Yerevan State University, The head of the education laboratory of the department of Geology,
2001 - 2008: The developer and the participant of international projects of geological faculty YSU: “INCO - COPERNICUS, Contract number: ICA2-CT-2000-10019”, ISTC A-485, 3031 and NATO CLG: ESP.EAP.CLG. 983876
1998 - 2003: The commercial manager of the “Armenian Gemological Center “Artsrunit”, expert - gemologist
1996 - 2001: The chief expert of the precious metals and jewelry gemstones of Yerevan Commodity stock exchange “Adamand”
1991 - 1997: The director of the “Olympos” LTD
1981 - 1994: A engineer, senior engineer, leader of the project “Okrug”, leading engineer - programmer of the department of CSRI “Agat” of Yerevan, a vice chief of designer on safety - program of the project "Okrug".

Participation in the international symposiums and conferences:
In number of 16: Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Bangkok

Scale of professional interests
Geological and environmental aspects of the natural hazards and radioactive wastes management, applied gemology and computing software, education

Armenian and Russian (fluent), French and English (with a dictionary)

Professional membership
2008: member of American Association of Petroleum Geologists
2007: member of International Natural Zeolite Association
2000 - 2005: member of Association of the Specialists of natural stones

(+374 60) 710-432
Gurgen Aleksanyan