Hasmik Piliposyan
1971 – 1974: Graduation studies, Yerevan State Institute of Art
1961 - 1966: I. Repin Institute of Arts and Architecture, Leningrad (Sankt-Petersbourg), major: theory and history of Art.

Academic Degree
1978: Candidate degree (equivalent to PhD) in Arts.

Work Experience
Since 2006: Professor, department of Cultural Studies, Faculty of History, Yerevan State University. Courses taught: “Armenian Culture of Modernity and Soviet times”, “Russian Culture”.
2011 - 2013: Professor, Kh. Abovyan State Pedagogical Institute, Chair of Art History and Cultural Studies.
1997 – 2011: Professor, “Interlingua” linguistic university. Courses taught: “World Culture”, “Ntional Culture”
1981 – 1997: Yerevan State Institute of Art. Promoted from Senior lecturer to Docent and then to Professor. 1991- 1996: Head of the Chair of Art history and theory.
1974 - 1981: Kh. Abovyan State Pedagogical Institute, head of the Department of Aesthetical development. Developed school text-books on basics of aesthetics, art history, and basics of Art.
1966 - 1971: Editor of Programs for Children and Youth, National TV Studio. Conducted more than 120 broadcasts of programs “Story of an art piece”, “Painter and his time”, “World museums”, “History of Art”. Worked as a adi journalist for the Armenian Diaspora.

Publications and conferences
Has tens of articles published in the Armenian, Soviet and foreign press, a monograph, art catalogues, and illustration albums: Participated in local and international conferences, seminars and symposia. Had presentations on UNESCO 1974 congress (Yugoslavia), Art teaching symposium in Shri-Lanka (1980), conferences on cultural cooperation in Italia, Malta (1985), Sweden (1996).
Delivered lectures on culture and Art in the Armenian communities of France (2005, 2009) and Sweden (1996, 2005).

Membership in professional organizations
Since 1970: Member of Union of Jounrlaists of Armenia
Since 1983: Member of Union of Artists of Armenia, member of Art theory section.
Head of the “Armenia-Sweden” cooperation organization of AOKS.
Hasmik Piliposyan