Martin Grigoryan
1971 - 1976: Student of Yerevan State University (YSU)
1976 - 1979: Post Graduate Student (YSU)

Academic degree
Doctor of Phys.-Math. Sciences
candidate: “Convergence of orthogonal series in metrics”, 1980, Institute of Mathematics, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
doctoral: "Convergence of regular and dual Fourier series by complete orthogonal systems", 1997, Faculty of Mathematics of YSU

Professional experience
From 1980 - present: Faculty of Physics of YSU
1993 - 1994: Visiting Professor UAM, Madrid, Spain

Academic courses
Mathematical analysis, Functional analysis, The theory of functions, Linear an nonlinear approximations

Scale of professional interests
Harmonic analysis and the theory of approximations

Participation in grant projects
1994 - 1996: Grant MVR000 from international Science Foundation,
1996: Grant from “Promethues-Gitutjun”, Joint- Stock Company,
1997: Grant from “Promethues-Gitutjun”, Joint- Stock Company,
1998: Grant from “Promethues-Gitutjun”, Joint- Stock Company,
1997 - 1999: Grant 96-880 from the Government of Armenia,
2000 - 2003: Grant 00-310 from the Government of Armenia
2004 - 2007:- Grant- 01-00 from the Government of Armenia
2008 present: Grant- 45 from the Government of Armenia

The best scientific work 2009
RA President Award 2010

Armenian, Russian, English, Spanish, German
Martin Grigoryan