Parandzem Meytikhanyan
1979 - 84 Yerevan State University Philological Faculty, Armenian
Language and Literature Department

Academic degree
Candidate of Philological Science, Associate Professor - “New Armenian words” based on the materials of 1991 Academic Council of Yerevan State University

Professional experience
1984 trainee-researcher in Common Philology Department, Yerevan State University
Since September 1984 - Armenian Philology Department, Yerevan State University

Course of Studies
Modern Armenian, lexicology, stylistics - Bachelor’s course
Neologisms in Modern Armenian - Bachelor’s course
Mother Tongue and the Problems of Translation (lexicology)- Bachelor’s course

Scale of professional interests
Modern Armenian, proper names science, lexicology, lexicography master’s degree)

Awards received
YSU diploma

Armenian, Russian, German, Greek
Parandzem Meytikhanyan