Ruzan Grdzelyan
Department of Russian Language, Philological Faculty, Yerevan State University, 1976 - 1981
Post-graduate courses in “Typology of Languages”, Institute of Slavistics and Balcanistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Section of Structural Typology)

Academic Degree
Candidate - “Functional Semantic Analyses of Words другой, иной, второй in Russian and Armenian Languages”, 1988, Sanct-Piterburg State University
Doctoral - “Typology of Meaning of a Word”, 2010, Yerevan State Linguistic University

Professional Experience
Since 1993 - Associate Professor at the Chair of the Chair of Russian Linguistics, Typology and Theory of Communication, Yerevan State University
1989 - 1993 Lecturer at the of the Chair of Russian Linguistics, Typology and Theory of Communication Yerevan State University
1981 - 1989 Lecturer at the Chair of Russian Language, Yerevan State University

Academic Courses
Lexicology of Contemporary Russian Language
Stylistics of Contemporary Russian Language
Lexicography of Contemporary Russian Language
Grammar of Translation
Typology of Languages

Scale of Professional Interests
Typology of Languages
Cognitive Linguistics
General and Cognitive Linguistics
Theory of Cross-Cultural Communication

Armenian, Russian, English
Ruzan Grdzelyan