Varduhi Petrosyan
2004: PhD dissertation defense (Title: "The Armenian French word interaction types», «Dictionary of French loans, (Annex)
2000: Audiovisual means of French language teaching VIFAX international program of professional training in Bordo
1986 - 1989: Postgraduate student at the Yerevan State University
1981 - 1986: Yerevan State University Department of Romance-Germanic Philology (French section)

Professional experience
From 2004 - till now: The director of the center of an Armenian- French cultural relationships
1. Lessons of French and the organization measures of in French
2. Support of children in France
3. Management of chorus and theatrical circle
4. Transfer and official registration of papers of letters and projects
5. The organization of exchange of delegations of two cities
From 1999 - till now: SPFA French charity organization responsible for French language
1.French in Armenia teaching VIFAX international project coordinator the (French Embassy in partnership with)
2. George Sand 200 th anniversary of Armenia Project Officer
3. "francophone international holiday" is responsible for annual program
4. SPFA French charity organization of Teachers of French speaking nd French clubs, the presidents of training
5. Conference oral translation (in cooperation with the doctors of Strasbourg,
6. Armenian young journalists training in France-TV3-in journalists (INTERNEWS-Armenia in cooperation with)
7. French speaking Armenian language courses for foreigners
8. Higher education institutions internship training program is responsible
9. VIFRALIE (learn 'school French try line.International Program Coordinator in Armenia
10. CLEF fransalezu quarterly magazine editor
11. French language in the annual contest «SPFA-club's best French speaking" for the title
12. VIFAX international program in secondary schools and universities between the French language competition organize
13. Summer University Program Coordinator
From 1990 - till now: Yerevan State University
1. Romance Philology department of French language lecturer
2007: 2. Romance Philology Department Assistant
2011: 3. The senior lecturer of Diplomatic service and professional
communication department
1983: Armenian SSR Ministry of Education, Diploma
1984: Blorus SSR's Ministry of Education, Diploma
2008: France Shas - syugh - Ghon city municipality medal

Academic courses
Diplomatic Communications
Professional Translation

Scale of professional interests
History of Armenian-French relations
Armenian-French linguistic interactions and influence
Participation in grant projects (present and past)

Armenian, French, Italian, Russian, English

Professional membership
Professional faculty council member
Varduhi Petrosyan