Yulya Antonyan
1997 - 2001: Graduation studies in ethnology, YSU
1990 - 1995: Faculty of History, YSU

Academic degree
Candidate of History /2007/, equivalent to PhD
Theme of the thesis: Magical healing and divination in Armenia

Work experience
2008: Assistant Professor, Faculty of History, Department of Cultural Studies, YSU
2006 - 2007: External evaluation expert for development and charity programs, Jinishian Foundation. Evaluation of benevolent activities of Armenia, Syria and Lebanon field offices.
1997 - 2005: Public Sector Program Coordinator, Eurasia Foundation:
Since 2011: National Expert to the Council of Europe/ERICarts project “Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe”

Courses delivered
Cultural Anthropology (BA, Cultural studies)
Cultural History of Renaissance and Modernity (BA, Cultural Studies)
Anthropology of religion (MA, Cultural studies)
Anthropology of social process in Armenia (MA, Cultural studies)
Introduction to cultural studies (BA, other faculties)
Theory of Culture (BA, Department of Intercultural Communications, Faculty of Russian Philology)
Methodology and planning of research
Methodology of research of contemporary cultural processes

Academic interests
Anthropology of religion (contemporary religious movement and processes, vernacular religiosity, religion and social transformations), anthropology of elites, historical anthropology.

Research Grants
Individual research grants awarded by Volkswagen Foundation, Boell Foundation, Carnegie-Eurasia Foundation (CRRC), Swiss Secretariat for Research and Education (two projects), and the State Science Committee of RA (2014-2015, 2020-2023, 2021-2022):

Professional training
Participated in academic development programs: John Smith Fellowship (2003), Field-development project, Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, University of California, Berkeley (2010), Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching (ReSET) “Anthropological approaches to Religion and Secularism”, organized by Harvard (USA) and Aarhus (Denmark) universities and funded by the Soros Foundation (RESET 2010-2013):

Invited lecturing
Lectures delivered in the universities of Madrid, Salzburg, Freiburg, Iena and Tbilisi Ilia University (the summer school for German students)

Armenian, Russian - native, English, French – fluent,
Spanish – B1
Yulya Antonyan