The Quality Assurance Center is an independent structural unit of YSU the mission of which is the employment of inner mechanisms of quality assurance and stimulation of the culture of continuous quality improvement.

The Charter of YSU Quality Assurance Center (QAC) was approved by YSU Academic Council on session №1 from September 27, 2012.

The QAC cooperates with other YSU structural subdivisions and with different non-university organizations and carries out its main functions in order to solve the problems specified in this Charter.

The Policy of YSU Quality Assurance Center was approved by YSU Academic Council on session №1 from September 27, 2012.

On the basis of the YSU quality assurance policy is the mission of YSU QA system which is to promote the enhancement of confidence in the main areas of YSU activities (education, science and public services) and to certify that the quality and the current standards of the degrees awarded by the University are maintained, continuously improved and effectively managed.

The objectives of the Center are:
1. To develop and periodically review the policy and strategy of YSU quality assurance (QA), to offer administrative assistance at all levels for their realization.
2. To maintain common criteria of quality, harmonize QA processes and realize them in all main spheres of YSU activities.
3. To ensure YSU accountability to all those concerned both internal (students, teaching and administrative staff) and external (applicants, graduates, employers, the state and the society) for the quality of education.
4. To create regulatory and organizational base and administrative assistance for external quality evaluation and accreditation of the University and its educational programs, provide connection between internal and external quality evaluation processes.
5. To establish and strengthen relations with national, regional and international QA agencies and QA University Centers.

The functions of the Center are:
1. develops, realizes and constantly improves the internal quality assurance processes, reports on their outcomes, defines internal criteria and standards of quality in line with accepted European requirements,
2. develops the YSU QA documents for regulations, procedures and criteria,
3. provides systematization, control and administrative assistance for the realization of QA processes at all subdivisions of YSU,
4. ensures the transparency of QA processes and procedures, active participation of students, graduates, main employers and foreign experts in them,
5. organizes the self-evaluation process of YSU institutional accreditation, the preparation of the appropriate report and the planning and control of succeeding actions,
6. coordinates the activities of the university structural units during peer-review visits of accrediting bodies,
7. cooperates with the RA National Quality Assurance Center for Professional Education Foundation,
8. provides quality control of the development and realization of educational programs and verifies their correspondence with established standards,
9. prepares QA procedures for the development, approval, current monitoring and periodic revision of educational programs and assists their realization at all subdivisions of YSU,
10. organizes the processes of periodic revision of educational programs in accordance with QA procedures, verifies the packages of new and reviewed educational programs,
11. systematizes the self-evaluation of quality of YSU educational programmes and assists their external evaluation and accreditation processes,
12. develops and implements quality assurance tools for teaching, learning and student assessment (surveys, focus-groups, etc) and appropriate procedures,
13. cooperates with YSU Academic Council and QA standing committees of Faculty Councils and assists their work.

Director : Armen Budaghyan, Associate Professor
E-mail:, tel. (010) 5706 77, inner: 11-21

Senior Specialists:
Mary Santurjyan, Assistent Professor
E-mail:, tel. (060) 710014, inner: 10-14
Anahit Brutyan, Associate Professor
E-mail:, tel. (060) 710015, inner: 10-15

Laura Simonyan, MA Graduate
E-mail:, tel. (060) 710014, inner: 10-14
Lilith Khachikyan, MA student
E-mail:, tel. (060) 710015, inner: 10-15
Olga Budaghyan
E-mail:, tel. (060) 710117, inner: 11-17


Director: Armen Budaghyan


Address: 1 Alex Manoogian, YSU Main Building, room 402

Tel: (+374 60) 710121, 11-21 (inner line),