Student Surveys

Based on the RA Law “On Education” (article 28, point 4), as well as on the provisions of the model charter on Student Surveys approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, in 2002 YSU introduced the system of student surveys on the quality and efficiency of teaching as a mechanism for evaluation of the scientific-educational activity and moral-psychological qualities of the teaching staff by the students (24.05.2002). The introduction of that mechanism contributed to the formation of new attitudes among the teaching community, as well as the improvement of the teaching process. Still, some drawbacks were observed in terms of survey methodology and reliability, as well as the analysis and use of the obtained results.

In order to increase the efficiency of the mechanism of the teaching staff evaluation by students, the methodology, procedures and standards (questionnaire) of surveys have been periodically revised and improved (2003, 2004, 2009, 2010, 2011). In particular, in order to ensure the objectivity of survey results, in the new regulation the participation of at least 2/3 of the respondents (students) introduced as a requirement. The alterations also referred to the consideration of survey results and their efficient use. According to the changes made in the above mentioned regulation, as well as to ensure impartiality, the surveys and the data processing are conducted by centralized and unified standards.

The results of the surveys are first discussed at the sessions of academic councils of chairs, faculties and then at YSU Academic Council.

The new revised regulation for student surveys on the quality and efficiency of teaching were adopted in 2010 by the resolution of YSU Academic Council (17.06.2010), the questionnaire was revised and fully upgraded. In the new regulation the procedures for conducting student surveys, processing and using the obtained results are described in details. The survey results are used for the improvement of teaching approaches and applied methods, as well as for the purposes of giving appropriate position appointment, promotion and reward of the teaching staff.

In 2011/2012 academic year, 77% (around 18000) of the student community enrolled in YSU Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes were involved in the student surveys on the quality and efficiency of teaching. The teaching quality of the lecturers conducting about 6700 courses was evaluated. The average rating of the survey within the five-grade system was 4.53 for the whole University (the results of the survey are presented in details in the annual report on surveys).



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