YSU Official Documents

“YSU Official Documents” section includes the charters, working procedures of YSU administrative bodies and subdivisions, regulations defining their activities, election procedures of administrative positions.


This section also includes YSU Strategic Development Plan 2016-2020 and its working plan, according to which YSU plans and performs its activity.

In order to evaluate the efficiency of YSU activities YSU Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are developed periodically. It defines YSU achievements and the areas that need improvement. KPIs for the last five years (2008-2013) are presented here.


The achievements and drawbacks of YSU activities for each year are summarized by the means of annual reports of YSU rector and subdivisions, documents related to budget planning, approval and performance, which can be found here as well. These documents are the legal acts of YSU, which regulate the activities of central and faculty bodies and define their reporting procedure.


  1. YSU Charter (2014)
  2. YSU Faculty Exemplary Charter (approved by YSU Academic Council (AC) in 2012)
  3. YSU Board Regulations (approved by YSU Board in 2006)
  4. YSU Academic Council Regulations (approved by YSU AC in 2011)
  5. YSU Rectorate Regulation (the running one was approved by YSU AC in 2011)
  6. Charter of YSU General Issues Department (3.06.2004)
  7. Charter of YSU Alumni & Career Centre (2006)
  8. Charter of YSU Student Council (2010)
  9. Charter of YSU Student Scientific Society (2001)
  10. Procedure of YSU Rector Election (2006)
  11. Procedure of YSU Faculty Dean Election (new edition was approved by YSU AC in 2012)
  12. YSU Department Chair Election Procedure (new edition was approved by YSU AC in 2012)
  13. Working procedure of YSU AC QA Permanent Committee (approved by YSU AC in April 2012)
  14. YSU AC Decision on the Establishment of QA Permanent Committee (9.02.2012)
  15. Regulations on Student Allowances, State and Inner-institutional Scholarship Provision (approved on 18.11.2010 by YSU AC)
  16. YSU Strategic Development Plan 2010-2014
  17. Work-plan of YSU SP 2010-2014
  18. Annual Account of YSU SNPO Incomes and Expenditures (approved by YSU AC in 2012)
  19. Annual Performance of YSU SNPO Incomes and Expenditures (Budget) (approved by YSU AC in 2012)
  20. Annual Account of YSU SNPO Incomes and Expenditures (approved by YSU AC in 2013)
  21. Plan of Complex Measures Against Corruption at YSU (2011-2012)
  22. YSU Key Performance Indicators (2008-2013)
  23. YSU Strategic Development Plan 2016-2020 (23.12.2015)
  24. YSU Key Performance Indicators (2010-2015)

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