The possibility of controlling light signal localized in nanometer region
Ministry of Education and Science of RA, State Committee of Science Contracts (thematic) funding competition in 2015, a field, Physics and Astronomy

Short description

The process of the spontaneous radiation of the molecules in presence of metallic nanoparticles are significantly changing has a have the step-like behavior. Besides, the lifetime of excited state significantly decreases. During the project fulfilment, we are going to investigate the behavior of system under influence of external resonant field. Also, we are going to investigate the identification and mapping of single molecules through the fluorescence enhancement by a metal tip. In our preliminary investigations we have obtained formula, which allows analytically describe the process of transmission of the incident plain wave through subwavelength slit milled in a thin opaque metal screen. During the project fulfilment, we reveal the characteristics of light passed through the system of the periodical arranged nanometer-width gaps. It is planned to investigate the system of coupled waveguides with the same symmetry axis where the dielectric cylinder is covered with a metallic thin film and then is covered with a dielectric layer. It appears that the reason of the small flashes from tip end can be the vibrations of liquid surface even with 50 nm amplitude. This will allow to design the ultrasensitive sensor for nanosize vibration registration.

Project Manager
Khachatur V. Nerkararyan, Doctor of Phys. Math. Sciences

Staff members

Arsen Zh. Babajanyan, Candidate of Phys. Math. Sciences (PhD),
Tigran A. Abrahamanyan, Candidate of Phys. Math. Sciences (PhD),
Artashes Yu. Vardanyan, Candidate of Phys. Math. Sciences (PhD),
Torgom S. Yezekyan , Master student

Tel.: (+374 10) 525564
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