Generation օf broadband terahertz radiation in single-domain lithium niobate crystal by step-wise phase mask
Ministry of Education and Science of RA, State Committee of Science Contracts (thematic) funding competition in 2015, a field, Physics and Astronomy

Short description

Within the framework of the proposed project, the new schemes for generation of broadband THz pulses will be developed and realized based on optical rectification (OR) of femtosecond laser pulses in a singledomain nonlinear crystal, by placing of step wise phase mask in front of the crystal. Step wise phase mask forms a tilted amplitude front of the exciting laser beam, thanks to which the phase matching for all the spectral components of the THz pulse provides. Changing the size of the optical beam and steps of mask can change the shape of the generated THz pulse, its spectral bandwidth, the radiation pattern, etc.

Project Manager
Yuri H. Avetisyan, Doctor of Sciences of Physics and Mathematics, Professor

Staff members

Armen H. Makaryan, Candidate of Phys. Math. Sciences (PhD),
Vahe R. Tadevosyan, Candidate of Phys. Math. Sciences (PhD),
Gevorg K. Abgaryan, PhD student

Tel.: (+374 60) 710305
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