Phonon-mediated decoherence control of spin and charge states in single and double quantum dots embedded in phonon cavity
Ministry of Education and Science of RA, State Committee of Science Contracts (thematic) funding competition in 2015, a field, Physics and Astronomy

Short description

We will theoretically investigate the phonon-induced decoherence of spin state in single quantum dot and charge state in double quantum dot implemented into a freely suspended semiconductor slab or wire (phonon cavity). We predict that the embedding of single and double quantum dots in phonon cavities together with the gate controlling of electronic spectrum can bring to the possibility of significant suppression of electron-acoustic phonon interaction and lead to the increase of spin and charge coherence. The issue of the definition of system properties and driving conditions that lead to optimal coherent control of quantum dots with spin and charge states in phonon cavities is the main goal of our research. The obtained results will allow evaluating optimal characteristics of quantum dots as building blocks for spintronic devices. The exact-diagonalization method, perturbation theory, non-perturbative quantum kinetic theory and other theoretical methods will be used in order to get analytical results.

Project Manager
Arshak L. Vartanian, Doctor of Phys. Math. Sciences

Staff members

Anna L. Asatryan, Ph.D,
Mkrtich A. Yeranosyan, Ph.D,
Siranush S. Avetisyan, Master Student,
Hirakawa Kazuhiko, PhD, Foreign Consultant

Tel.: (+374 55) 968288
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