Synthesis and investigation of polymers containing in the main polymer chain polyaniline fragments connected with different groups.
Ministry of Education and Science of RA, State Committee of Science Contracts (thematic) funding competition in 2015, a field, Chemistry

Short description

The aim of the project is to synthesize new electroactive polymers containing aniline oligomers connected with triazenearylene, 1.4-benzoquinone, azophenylene groups on the base of inexpensive and available monomers and industrially available methods. It is assumed that obtained polymers will combine the properties of polyaniline and corresponding linkages and so will significantly expand the range of polyaniline applications. m-, p-Phenylenediamines, benzidine, 1.4-benzoquinone will be used as monomers whereas oxidative condensation, diazotization and azocoupling - as a methods for the syntheses of desired polymers. To characterize both as-synthesized and doped polymers, we will use IR, PMR, UV and photoluminescent spectroscopic methods. We aim to find the relation between the structure and properties, especially dependence of solubility, electrical and photoluminescent properties on oligomer length and linkage type, molecular weight, and dependence of electrical and photoluminescent properties on dopant character and doping level, as well.

Project Manager
Narine A. Durgaryan, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor

Staff members

Nagharsh A. Miraqyan, Candidate of Chemical Sciences (PhD), Researcher,
Nune Sh. Martikyan,
Hasmik R. Sargsyan, Candidate of Chemical Sciences (PhD), Associate Professor,
Parandzem G. Minasyan, Candidate of Chemical Sciences (PhD), Researcher

Tel.: (+374 60) 710419
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