Development of methodology of geochemical prospecting of rare-earth metals deposits in RA
Ministry of Education and Science of RA, State Committee of Science Contracts (thematic) funding competition in 2015, Field: Earth and related environmental sciences

Short description

RA (The Republic of Armenia) traditionally is a country of intensive development of the mining industry. Despite the limited size of its territory in Armenia there are numerous ore deposits of different composition and size, among which there are unique in their reserves, like Kajaran copper-molybdenum and Sotk gold deposits. In considering the issues of further development of leading RA mining industry, especially the problem of its ore raw materials we should take into account specific features of the geological structure of the Republic. All currently known ore deposits in Armenia were found within the "open" areas, where the ore-bearing formations of rocks are exposed on the surface or overlained by unconsolidated eluvial-deluvial deposits of limited thickness. On the most part of RA territory (more than 60 %) ore bearing rocks are covered by younger (concerning the age of the deposits) volcanic rocks (mainly basalts), which greatly complicates the discovery within such area of the deposits, localized in the ore-bearing bedrock overlapped by younger rocks.

Project Manager
Levon V. Harutyunyan Candidate of Geological Sciences (PhD), Senior Researcher

Staff members

Romela A. Pashayan, Candidate of Geological Sciences (PhD),Senior Researcher,
Aida Z. Adamyan, Candidate of Geological Sciences (PhD), Researcher,
Yester S. Manukyan, Candidate of Geological Sciences (PhD), Assistant Professor,
Datevik E. Barseghyan, Junior Researcher

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