New approach of carbon containing end products and wastes utilization: hydrogen production by pure and mixed cultures of dark- and photo-fermentative bacteria
Ministry of Education and Science of RA, State Committee of Science Contracts (thematic) funding competition in 2015, Field: Biological Sciences

Short description

Molecular hydrogen production is considered as one of the promising ways to generate ecologically clean energy from various substrates, making a significant role to the future energy technology. The combination of dark- and fermentative bacteria is a new approach in hydrogen production biotechnology, which offers the potential efficient production of hydrogen from renewable resources. This project will be focused on the attempt to obtain high hydrogen yield by pure and mixed cultures of dark-fermentative (Escherichia coli) and photo-fermentative (Rhodobacter sphaeroides, isolated from Armenian mineral springs) bacteria using carbon containing products and wastes such as distillers grains waste (a by-product of ethanol fermentation) and brewery waste. The results obtained will show the possibility of using mixed carbon substrates and various wastes as an effective source of enhanced hydrogen. They will help to understand the mechanisms and regulation pathways of bacterial metabolism via the optimization the conditions for dark- and photo-fermentative cooperation for efficient hydrogen production. The study will provide not only new more effective and cheap source of hydrogen but also solve the problem of waste utilization.

Project Manager
Armen H. Trchounian, Corresponding Member of NAS of RA, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor

Staff members

Anna A. Poladyan,Candidate of Biological Sciences (PhD), Associate Professor, Senior Researcher,
Lilit S. Gabrielyan,Candidate of Biological Sciences (PhD), Associate Professor, Senior Researcher,
Karen A. Trchounian, Candidate of Biological Sciences (PhD), Junior Researcher,
Harutyun H. Sargsyan,Junior Researcher

Tel.: (+374 10) 570591
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