Fabrication and investigation of semiconductor nanostructures and mid-infrared devices based on III-V and IV-IV material systems
Ministry of Education and Science of RA, State Committee of Science Contracts (thematic) funding competition in 2015, Field: Nanotechnology

Short description

• Improvement of LPE equipment for the growth of quantum dots. • Growth of InAsSbP QDs on InAs(100) substrate in Stranski-Krastanow growth mode. • Investigation of electrophysical and optoelectronic properties of Si and SiGe nanostructures. • Characterization of micro- and nanoislands morphology by SEM/EDXA and AFM microscopy. • Investigation of electrophysical, optoelectronic and magnetic properties of QDs-based semiconductor devices. • TEM investigations of the nanostructures crystallographic properties. • Fabrication and investigation of QDs-based mid-infrared photoconductive cells. • Fabrication and investigation of n-InAs/p-InAsSbP QDs diode heterostructures and mid-infrared photodetectors. • Quantitative analizing of the QDs nucleation mechanism in GaInAlN material system.

Project Manager
Karen M. Gambaryan, Doctor of Phys. Math. Sciences, Professor

Staff members

Vardan G. Harutyunyan, Candidate of Phys. Math. Sciences (PhD),
Arpine K. Simonyan, Candidate of Phys. Math. Sciences (PhD), Junior Researcher
Vladimir M. Aroutiounian, Doctor of Phys. Math. Sciences, Academician of NAS RA

Tel.: (+374 60) 710710
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