Gohar A. Shahinyan
2007 - 2011: YSU Faculty of Chemistry, Bachelor’s Degree
2011 - 2013: YSU Faculty of Chemistry, Master’s Degree
2013 - 2017: YSU Faculty of Chemistry, PhD student

Academic Degree
PhD in Chemistry “Physicochemical study of n-heptane – AOT (dioctyl sulfosuccinate sodium salt) – polar phase reverse micellar systems”, 02.00.04 Institute of Chemical Physics after A.B. Nalbandyan NAS RA, 2017

Work Experience
2010 - 2011: Senior laboratory assistant, “Molecular interactions in the systems with biological significance” Research laboratory, YSU Faculty of Chemistry.
2014 – present: Senior laboratory assistant, Chair of Physical and Colloid Chemistry, YSU Faculty of Chemistry
2017 March-December: Junior researcher, “Physical Chemistry” Research laboratory, YSU Faculty of Chemistry
2019 February – present; Professor Assistant, Department of Pharmacy, Eurasia International University, Armenia
2020 September – present; Professor Assistant, Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Yerevan State University, Armenia

Academic courses
Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry

Scale of Scientific Interests
Physical Chemistry, Colloid Chemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy (UV-vis, Fluorescence and IR spectra)

Participation in Grant projects
2016: MES SCSRA16A-1d01
2017 - 2019: MESSCSRA –YSU-SFURF-06
DAAD Scholarship– Research Grants – Short-Term Grants, 2020
“Short Term Conference and Travel Grants program”, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 2019

Armenian, Russian, English

Certificate for the 100 anniversary of Yerevan State University, 2019
Bronze medal of YSU, 2012


Gohar A. Shahinyan

Assistant | Faculty of Chemistry - Chair of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry


S. A. Markarian, L. A. Tavadyan, G. G. Kocharyan, G. A. Shahinyan

Effect of dimethylsulfoxide medium on electrochemical and antiradical properties of ascorbic acid | Russian Chemical Bulletin (in Russian), 2013, v. 7, pp. 1625-1629
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G.A. Shahinyan, Z.K. Papanyan, S.A. Markarian

UV-Vis and FT IR study of complex formation between isoniazid and dimethylsulfoxide or diethylsulfoxide | XVII Международная конференция “Спектроскопия координационных соединений” Краснодар, Россия, 10-13 сентября, 2020, с. 362

S. A. Markarian, G. A. Shahinyan

The study of molecular interactions in dimethylsulfoxide containing aqueous solutions of acridine orange base by UV-vis and fluorescence spectroscopy | Conferences Cluster 2018, Suzdal, Russia, 2018, p. 83-84

А. Р. Саркисян, Г. А. Шагинян, Е. А. Казоян, И. Н. Щербаков, Ш. А. Маркарян

Изучение комплексообразования хлорида и нитрата меди (II) с диэтилсульфоксидом методом УФ-спектроскопии | XIV Международная конференция “Спектроскопия координационных соединений” Краснодар, Россия, 2017, с. 263 |

А.Р. Саркисян, Ш.А. Маркарян, Г.А. Шагинян

Влияние концентрации АОТ на объемные и реологические свойства обращенных мицеллярных систем АОТ/н-гептан/диэтилсульфоксид (ДЭСО)-вода | XII Всероссийская конференция с международным участием “Проблемы сольватации и комплексообразования в растворах”, Иваново, РФ, 2015, с. 70

G. A. Shahinyan, H. R. Sargsyan, S. A. Markarian

Physicochemical properties of n-heptane/AOT/water+ sulfoxide microemulsions | International Conference “Current Problems of Chemical Physics”, 2015, p. 165
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